Monthly Goals | January, 2015

Hey there people of the Internet. Another great month has passed which means more goals achieved and more goals to accomplish!

So last month was a special month cause it was December and Blogmas and all that. The holidays was really nice. Another thing about the holidays is that people are away from their computers and with their family’s. Still with that clause up, though I had doubt about it, we managed to reach our monthly goals last December!

Lets take a glimpse on what we had to go through last month and compare it to what we managed to do.

Here’s the blog’s goals for last month:

Average Views per day
Total Views

Here’s what we manage to get:

Average Views per day
Total Views

Here’s the stats for November:

Average Views per day
Total Views

You guys are really amazing. Its nice to see the blog growing. It might be a slow tedious process but we’re gonna get there. Its nice to see the numbers going up! It doesn’t matter how few you are what matters is that your there. Hey Rome wasn’t built in a day right? So is this blog it’s gonna take months even years. I’m just starting out. As long as they’re are readers I will continue updating and posting new contents. Lets hope January will do better! So here are my goals for the blog this month!

Average Views per day
Total Views

Its not too extravagant but for the views as for the followers I’m wishing to see new fresh faces reading my blog πŸ˜‰


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