Wednesday Topic – How to make an Omelet


Hey guys! Its Wednesday again and I’m here to show you how I make omelet.
I’m really, really sorry for not being able to post pictures on the step by step basis. My excuse for that is that I only thought of posting a DIY After I made the actual meal. So please bear with me.

I’m barely a cook at all and I only make good food out of experimenting. Remember learn through experience its the best way cooking is meant to be learned. First I’ll show you how to make a basic Omelet then I’ll show you my recipe.

Basic Omelet


  • 2-4 Large eggs
  • Salt for taste
  • Oil or butter
  • Pepper also for taste (Optional)
  • Milk or Water (Optional)
  • Mayonnaise (Again also Optional)


Now that we have our ingredients we can now start cooking.

  • Prepare the eggs in a bowl and mix with a Whisk or Fork. Now for me I would recommend using a whisk since it makes things a lot easier but an ordinary fork would do.
  • Sprinkle a bit of salt and pepper
  • Add milk and Mayonnaise to make it a little bit fluffier.
  • Place cooking oil or butter in a frying pan and just smear it all over.
  • Heat the frying pan in medium til its boiling.
  • Carefully place the Mix on the frying pan.
  • Flip once the bottom is Solid.
  • Once Golden brown gently fold the omelet.

And Voila you have your Omelet.


That’s practically the easiest way to make it. But here’s my version

Albert’s Deluxe Omelet


  • 3 Large Eggs
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Mayonnaise
  • Broiled Steak Seasoning or any equivalent
  • Soy Sauce
  • Cheese
  • Any Vegetables
  • Any Meat
  • Tomatoes
  • Butter


  • Mix the Eggs, Mayonnaise and the Seasonings
  • Sprinkle salt and add a dash of soy sauce. Soy sauce you ask? well the Japanese did it with raw eggs and after experimenting with it a while its actually a good ingredient.
  • Pre-heat Butter in frying pan.
  • While its hot Saute the Tomatoes.
  • Place aside and Mix Vegetables in Meat. Salami would do but I like to use canned meatloaf.
  • Place the mix in the frying pan and wait till the bottom turns solid. Don’t over do it or it will burn.
  • Place the Toppings in and Shred some cheese.
  • Flip and place more cheese.
  • Fold and add ketchup and your done 🙂



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