Out With The Old, In With The New

We always find new things come into our lives. That new guy you have a crush on, a new job, opportunities and many other stuff. Sometimes we choose ignore it or neglect it. We do that because we’re so full of ourselves. I remember an old Chinese saying which I think goes like this

“Empty your cup so that it may be filled; become devoid to gain totality”

This means we must first let go before we can accept new things in our lives. Its the way to keep the world balanced I guess.­ It also means that before we learn something new we must first empty ourselves. We must put our pride down and become humble.

In the past few days I’ve done so much for the blog. Looking back at the hundreds of blog posts I’ve had. It’s a total of 154 I guess. Now after reading them back one by one I’ve seen how much I’ve grown these past few months. Blogging really helped me in terms of my understanding in communicating with other people. It also helped Improve my English, Improve my grammar and it helped me improve how I construct sentences. As I look back at the stuff I’ve written I saw how much my content was more on the “I’ll just post this for the sake of posting something today” over making amazing contents. I’ve deleted a lot of my previous writings. Posts that don’t really contribute much to the blog and posts I believe would just be a waste of your time.

Quantity over Quality is not really a good way to make a blog. I’m going to do my best to ensure that Quality would always be greater than Quality. I won’t post a post If it doesn’t meet my current standards.

Since its 2015 I’m going to let go of the old and let the new come in. Currently the number of posts I have right now compared to before is at 134 by the time I’m actually writing this. That number is going to drop. Well not really I guess. I’ll be redoing a lot of content I’ve written. Content I know that you guys would be Interested to know about and deleting the original posts after. It’s going to be a long process I have around 25 on my list and that number is still going to rise.

Something that would help me this year is the fact that I’m going to start making myself an Editorial Calendar. I’m going to do my best to create content In advance to first reduce to pressure on me and second to make sure the things I’m going to write would be wonderful. Well I say wonderful but I guess if I look back a couple years from now I might just say the same thing I just said about my posts months ago.

If you haven’t noticed already the blog has a new look to it. The grudge up style I have to say is a bit too messy. I know how to write CSS the thing is I can’t really do anything much about it since I don’t have custom designs on. The only thing I was able to do was to move on and use a much cleaner and sleeker theme. That’s probably going to do you wonders, the readers since it’s much easier on the eyes.

Don’t be afraid to change guys. Sometimes change is for the good. Good for you and the people around you. Remember to live a balanced and harmonious life. Also don’t forget to smile even a fake smile can make you happy inside.

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