About Me

Hello Everybody!

Welcome to Another Day With Al. A blog that’s showing you the mind of a Highly ambitious Filipino Teenager.

So the name’s Albert I was born and raised here in Philippines on September 06, 2000. A fourteen year old dreaming high to achieve success and hopefully the meaning of life itself.

You might be wondering. Why am I blogging? First of all it’s because I love writing. Life is a beautiful mystery full of amazing wonders and tails which would be a shame if we forget. I want to share my knowledge and Inspire you guys with the content I write. Mainly about life, this blog, It also shows you my life and the perspective and opinions I have about it.

I have always feared not having my thoughts out there. I’ve always felt the need to correct others and give my point of view when I know what is being said is wrong, but mainly out of respect and to avoid useless fights I’d rather not talk. That gives me a guilty feeling which I don’t like.

Since this blog is more on my perspective I like to make sure I’m still careful with my words as not to offend anyone. Yet I would constantly post in a way which would constantly inspire and give meaning and life to your days. Humor wise I know I suck at that but astonishingly I still write my bad jokes and puns.

Since I’m from the Philippines forgive me if there might be sometimes where my grammar would just be outside of your comprehension but I promise that would rarely happen since I grew up with English as the language I consider my main. As for what I do? I’m currently in the 8th grade in the top section. I am a highly skilled Guitarist, Above average Sketch artist and I am Highly skilled in Information Technology and Digital Arts. Other Hobbies Include Music, Literature, Science mostly Chemistry and Quantum Physics, Moba’s and RPG’s, Novels, Photography, Martial arts and a lot more.

Well to sum it up here

Name: Albert Jarod Cabantog Ibay
Age: 14
B-day: September 6, 2000 year of the Golden dragon (Virgo)
E-mail: Albertjarodclyneibay@gmail.com
Social Media:
@AlbertIbay (Twitter)

Albertjarod.Ibay (Facebook)

AlbertIbay (Ask.fm)

Zip/Postal Code: 1609
Address: Private, E-mail me.


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