How To Lucid Dream

Hello guys. So In my last post I talked about 6 Facts about your dreams. I also mentioned about Lucid Dreaming. Lucid Dreaming Is a Phenomenon where your body is asleep but your conscious mind is awake. For me I would call it a state of bliss as almost everything I do makes me happy. Unless of course I accidentally wake myself up while I’m paralyzed which can be scary. I’ll cover more about Sleep Paralysis in another time. Right now we will be talking about Lucid Dreaming.

Lets get the basics down first. When we’re asleep the body goes into two cycles. The first one is the Rapid Eye Movement Sleep otherwise known as REM Sleep. The second one is called the Non Rapid Eye Movement Sleep otherwise known as Non-REM Sleep. Now as we go to sleep once our body realizes we are already asleep it would go into REM Sleep it’s when dreaming starts to happen. Now as a defensive mechanism as to stop acting out those dreams is that our body paralyzes itself with the exception of the eyes and chest. Then it cycles to Non-REM Sleep where you are in a very deep sleep and waking you up would lead to a few minutes of Disorientation.

Now your probably asking me now. “So how do I start Dreaming lucidly?” Well I’ll be giving you the tips and steps on how to dream lucidly.

Tips when your awake

  1. Always check if your dreaming – When you constantly do something your body would remember that. So theoretically you would as well while your asleep. The trick here is whenever you go somewhere else or go to another room place your hand through the door and ask yourself if your dreaming. It sounds crazy but it actually works.
  2. Visualize – Always visualize. Let your imagination flow. Imagine scenes in your daily life while staring blankly ahead. When visualizing you have control on your imagination. So as you go to sleep you can train yourself to actually do what you want with your mind as you sleep.
  3. Day Dream – Scientists have proven that when you day dream you might think your awake but in reality your asleep drifted in your thoughts. Don’t do this in class though. Next thing you know you actually fallen asleep and might hit your head on something.
  4. Believe – Always tell yourself I can do this I can Lucid Dream tonight and I can do it as I please. this would give your mind self awareness and a higher chance on actually doing it.
  5. Keep a Dream Journal – Whether or not you Lucid Dreamed or not always write down your dreams as this increases self awareness. If you don’t remember exactly what you dreamed then write down what you felt.

Steps on how to Lucid Dream

  1. Lay down on bed. Find someplace where you can lie down and drift off to sleep without anyone bothering you.
  2. Stay still. It’s important to stay still. The body will send signals to your body to check if your ready to sleep like itches and small urges to change your body position. Ignore all of them. just stay still and lay down.
  3. Imagine a scene. This is one of the most important things. You have to concentrate real hard on a scene and keep your mind on that. That’s the only thing you have to hold on to. Otherwise your mind would drift asleep.
  4. Wait 10 to 30 minutes. This is usually how long you have to wait before you notice your body starts to become numb. If your still holding on to the scene your imagining then your mind will stay awake while your body falls asleep.
  5. Try pinching your nose. If your not suffocating as you pinch your nose Grats’ your lucid dreaming.
  6. Dream to your heart’s content.


  • If you manage to fall asleep and not your dreaming but you don’t know it check for reality checks such as things that wouldn’t happen in real life.
  • Please don’t try waking yourself up unless your already conscious about your surroundings. If you do you could catch yourself in sleep paralysis and usually can lead to bad hallucinations and visions.
  • Keep a dream journal next to your bed.
  • When you remember something in a past dream write it down. It would teach your brain to remember instances like those.
  • It’s fun to fly.


  • Sometimes when you realize your dreaming you’d wake up. If this does happen think about your dream, concentrate and go back to bed.
  • Sleep Paralysis Is scary.
  • It might take a couple attempts before you can actually lucid dream.

Now that you guys know how to Dream Lucidly good luck and may you never get another Nightmare again.

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4 thoughts on “How To Lucid Dream

  1. Hahahahahahaha! This is crazy! I’m sorry but this is CRAZY! Even though you missed out a point, you need to lie down on your back with you hands straight on your side.

    However, I find it crazy that you are teaching people to lucid dream, it’s pretty horrendous going through sleep paralysis. Only the curious ones will actually try it.


    1. :3 I’ve had a couple experience with sleep paralysis. Even though I know what it really is the visions are still giving me paranoia 😛

      I guess that’s why I pointed out over and over again to be careful.

      Thanks for pointing that out though 🙂 I guess I just forgot to mention it 😉


      1. Well, personally I’ve never been through sleep paralysis just heard some very close friends who have experiences, and the way they have described it sounds pretty scary. But this blog amused me so much. 😛 Haha, greatly written!

        Liked by 1 person

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