How to do More Before the Deadline | A New Year’s Lesson

I’m sure you’ve had that moment. Say you were given a Project to finish and you’d only do it a day before the deadline. I know I’ve had that moment. Want to find a way to change that? Read more to find out.

Hey guys! Happy New Year. So I think one of the best ways I could start this year off is by helping you guys. So today I’ll be giving you a lesson in life which will help you in so many things. May it be work, school, or probably just a home project. I’m pretty sure you guys, well most of you have that mentality where in you only start doing something when the deadline is almost near right? Well here’s a life lesson which can help you change that. So a couple months ago I believe I mentioned something to you guys about a book that I was reading entitled Manage your time, Manage your work and Manage yourself by Merril E. Douglass and Donna N. Douglass. Anyways the main thing in that book which really hit me is how people react to deadlines. It gave me advice on how to actually manage a deadline and actually finish the task given to you without much problems. Its written there how people always do things at the day before the end of the deadline instead on when its was actually given to them. I have admit that’s a problem most of us face even me. Its a weakness that pushes most of us down. The thing is we can use that weakness to our advantage.

So how do we use that weakness to our advantage you ask? Well since we do things at the end of the deadline why don’t we set deadlines in a much nearer date? I know that’s annoying but I’m not yet done. What if we split the project or task that was given to us into smaller projects and set a deadline for those. Let me simplify things with an example. What if for example we were given a 100 page report to finish by the end of the month. Given that project we’d usually do it a couple days before the deadline. That’s a bad thing to do since pressure and stress would build up. We couldn’t honestly do it the date when it was given to us because like I said that’s our weakness. We’ll just say to ourselves nah that project isn’t to be passed in a long time why do it now?

Instead work on it this way. Split it up. In my example that’s a 100 page report to be passed in like let’s say 30 days. Instead on doing the 100 pages in day 28 or something like that why don’t we split it up and set our own deadlines. Since that’s a 100 page report then how about every 5 days you must at the very least do 15 pages so at the end of the actual deadline there won’t be much pressure. Logically it would work since that’s the way our brain was hard wired to do things. That’s at the end of a deadline. So if we made the deadline shorter we’d do that part of the project within that time.

I guess in the end its just a matter of self discipline. If we disciplined ourselves everything would go on smoothly. The choice is still up to you whether you’d follow this advice or not.

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