School Is Back In Session

Hey guys! The winds have finally passed and Epiphany was just yesterday. The season of Christmas isn’t really over yet until 11. Classes are back in session though.

So I have this habit in the break where I would be up until 4 in the morning. Since I rarely had anything to do in the day anyways plus I love skipping chores. Anyways because of my sleeping pattern disturbed I awoken at 4am after trying to sleep early for school. I couldn’t sleep anymore after that so might as well start the day. It’s the first time I actually went to school early. Honestly it wasn’t really worth it though there weren’t really any good announcements. I remember back when I was still studying in Inocencio I loved the Flag Ceremony mainly due to the inspiring announcements and motivational speeches they have for us. That same attitude for the Flag Ceremony I can’t seem to pull up when it comes to EHS.

If you guys haven’t already known I am a bit careless when it comes to money. I usually spend my money so carelessly I don’t really have any at reserve. I usually depend on my daily allowance for my money. Christmas came and I was given money. I spent it all the next two days. Then school starts and my dad tells me to use the money I was given on Christmas since he didn’t have any money on him. Yeah. I was too guilty with myself to tell him I spent it all. So yeah I’m currently broke. That won’t be for long I guess.

Usually when the Christmas break comes we are all expected to do the projects and assignments given to us before the break starts. The reality with students today is that we don’t. The first thing our class did the moment we step into our room is to scour classmates who actually did what was needed to be done to at least get a copy. I mean passing something Incomplete will always be better than passing an empty notebook right? An 80 would always be better than a 0 I guess. Which Is why I’m currently making my Project for Home Economics which was supposed to be passed last year but I didn’t due to me being extremely lazy as always .

The thing about our section is that we’re so close with our teachers. The boundary between jokes and respect is so thin. Basically in Science class our teacher were going to give an added grade to those who made their portfolio’s thing is she told the second batch not to make one. We were fighting over how much additional grade was going to be given to those with portfolios. Us the ones without a portfolio are jokingly debating on giving them the lowest additional grade possible even opting for a plus negative on their outputs. They were given the choice to write down 15, 20 or 25 for their additional grade and we jokingly said the +15 was actually a +50. Then at Home economics our teacher an Obese woman who can barely stand on her own was about to leave the classroom and we said Goodbye early in advance so loud. Then we told her to loose fat and asked her about her New Year’s resolution. My classmate even mocked her with some spaghetti and cake.

There are times I feel like the boundary is becoming to thin though. I sometimes feel sorry for the jokes we utter. The teachers are actually rolling with it though so sometimes it’s hard to make out whether we’re crossing the line already or not. Then again our class are full of “clowns” Well not really clowns but we make the best puns, jokes or anything we could find to point out to others which would be considered funny.

The first day of classes wasn’t that stressful. Though I have to say I just fell a sleep a while ago after dinner and now my body just refuses to move. I’m using all the strength I have left to finish writing this post. Cause you guys are awesome and deserve to know about my life. I feel like its going to be a long last semester.

In other news the Pope is coming to visit Philippines on 15 I think? So there’s that to look forward to.

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