Inspiration At A Glance | A New Beginning

Inspiration At A Glance

This Is Farewell

It has been over a year and looking back I can say I’ve really grown a lot as a person. I’ve written over 200 articles, some has been deleted and some are unfinished. I had a really great time writing this blog and interacting with others. I’ve learned a lot as a person and this blog really helped me when I needed to find myself. After all this time It’s sad to say but I won’t be updating this blog anymore and it’s farewell to Another Day With Al.

Why Am I leaving?

I feel like this blog is just a little bit of everything and it’s already to cramp. I feel like the best thing to do is to start fresh. I don’t feel comfortable any more with this blog and it’s strangling me in an abstract way. I want to start something new, I started this blog without an actual direction and it left it with many loose ends, I want to start something with a goal in mind.

I’ll still be writing

This might be farewell for this blog but It’s not goodbye for you and me. I’ve started a new blog whose main goal is to inspire, to give meaning, to leave a smile on your faces. This might be a good opportunity to partake in a new community of bloggers.

Inspiration At A Glance

The new blog is at and hopefully you guys will take the time to read it. I don’t know how constantly I’ll update it but I will make sure to make it better than this blog is.

So guys I hope you liked where this blog has gone. I really want to continue this but I feel like its counter productive. I want you guys to have the best experience so I would highly recommend you checking out my new blog.

These Past Couple of Months – A Cup of Coffee with Al

“By your hands, Millions – Billions of lives will be altered, caught up by the chain of events begun by you this day. –Andy Andrews, the Butterfly Effect

I don’t like those days where practically nothing eventful happens in my life. I tend to separate school and my personal life to the extremes, and I have an uncanny principle where the things I do in school won’t really matter after I graduate so I tend to focus on achieving things in my personal life instead.

One reason on why I tend to separate school from my personal life is the fact that I barely have friends in school which I would consider “Lifelong.” I may develop many friendships inside school, but it stays there. I have a very strict principle on what “Friends” really is. If they’re there when you most need them and would sacrifice their time for you then I would consider them my friend. Unless they have a hidden agenda in which case the way I see them would change dramatically and I would often times keep them under close observation. Friends are a good balance of Loyalty, and Honesty. If they overdo one of those it would be really catastrophic and lead to a toxic friendship.

These past couple of months has been a fight over where I’m going to spend my time and efforts. Just because I prioritize my personal life more than my life at school doesn’t mean I don’t care about it. I still have to uphold my Integrity at school. Seeing as I have a lot of commitments at school and many contests where I hold the name of the school, I still have to do my best then. I may not be the top student in my class, I could be if I wasn’t lazy, I’m still one of the few students in my class who is given the privilege to go against other schools.

I was the best feature writer in our school last Mini Press Conference and so I was one of our school’s journalist who went against the other schools in our city in a Division Press Conference. I barely got through the Division Press Con and now we’re going for the regionals next month. We’re still training for the math quiz bee. I’m not quite sure when the actual quiz bee will be held but we’ll be ready. I’m also still waiting for the eliminations for reading proficiency in the following days to come.

In my last entry I talked about how falling in love in junior high school felt like. That love story ship set sail a couple weeks ago. We might have been in love for a short amount of time, but the only problem is the relationship was so toxic. Mostly on her part seeing as she wasn’t whole. She had a lot of life problems as well as problems in school. We decided it was best for us to stay as friends instead. It’s the best thing for her I guess. We’re fine being settled as friends and it’s actually proving to be a better road to take.

I’ve been attending a couple of acting workshops these past couple of weeks; Opportunities which my best friend, Kath if you remembered her, set me up for. I’m really grateful for her because of that. She also gave way for me to make new friends. One of them was because of a misunderstanding between her and Shion and I made friends with a friend of her, Steff, to cheer her up. It’s nice to make new friends; it’s light on the heart and is a really good feeling.

I’ve been spending most of my free time with Kath and Shion lately. It’s been a while since the scene was like this. I’ve been absent from their lives half of last year and I didn’t really get to spend much time with them, but this time I feel like I’m spending too much time with them. Then again is there really something that’s “Spending too much time” I guess there is but what the heck. I’d rather be with them than elsewhere anyways.

My birthday passed by already. It was on the sixth of September. It wasn’t really the best birthday, sure I spent the whole day traveling across NCR with Shion and Kath, but the thing that makes me really sad is the fact that my parents didn’t even greet me a happy birthday or got me anything as a matter of fact. I’ve been anticipating my birthday for so long hoping to get something from my dad, but nothing. Not even a card, a cake or a mere “Happy Birthday.”

I’ve gotten over it yet it’s seared at the back of my mind and at some point I just really can’t accept it and I just burst out cry my tears out. I guess it could be worse. At least I got to spend some quality time with Kath and Shion as well as having got noticed by other people.

Also my scholarship request got approved and I got my first allowance a couple weeks ago where I bought myself a new bag, some clothes and new shoes.

I believe in the butterfly effect. I know that I wouldn’t gotten where I am right now if it wasn’t for decisions I made months, even years ago. It all started I guess when I met Shion and my whole life started to take shape. If it wasn’t for me meeting him my whole life would be way worse than what it is right now I believe. It gave me light and a path to focus on. A hope to hold on to and a group of friends I can say is true.

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Falling in Love | Life in Junior High School

I love that feeling of being in love, the effect of having butterflies when you wake up in the morning. That is special.
Hey guys, Albert here! I find that life really works in mysterious ways. It’s amazing how the universe finds a way to surprise you for everything you’ve done for it. It’s astonishing that no matter how hard you try for something you just never reach it. You keep searching and searching yet what you don’t realize is that you have what you’ve wanted all along. We’re just too blind to realize it. We have to learn to appreciate the small things and be content and without even realizing it your closer to success than you’ve ever been before.

I’ve been searching for something for so long now, love. I always get blinded and never find what I’m truly searching for. I take interest and partake in so many different thing. From flirting to flattering words. I just never can’t find that one person who I’m willing to give my heart to. Then I realized “why was I doing all of this.” I don’t need to change to find others. I need to start to be true to myself. Then she came to my life. Someone I never realize would be the person I’d give myself whole-heartedly. The girl I’d be willing to love unconditionally. I’ve known this girl for a while now but never realized her worth in my life until now. I’ve just been too busy looking for others when it turns out someone deserving was already near me. I just chose to ignore it. Now that I’ve taken attention I’m happy to find someone who’s deserving of my heart.

I will do my best to go through every obstacle life may throw at me. I have committed to this and that means no turning back. I will do my best to keep her happy and keep her safe.

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Standing up for the People you Love | Life in Junior High School

Everybody has their own stand. Everyone has a sense of pride on their capabilities. Everyone hates being brought down. New people enter our lives every single day and judge us. That’s okay, it’s a survival instinct we’ve come to develop but there comes a time where your own dignity is being put down. What’s worse is that your friends are becoming victims of that too. Sometimes it’s just enough, someone has to take a stand, and someone has to speak out.
Our science teacher is on leave since she’s undergoing surgery and we’ve been given a substitute teacher for this month of June. This teacher walked in our room and gave the usual first day talk where she asks us about the things we learned last year. The only problem with her was that she brought this intimidating aura as she entered the classroom scaring my classmates to forget how to speak. Now this substitute came from the lower bracket and doesn’t know how the pilot section works. We don’t subject to fear, well my classmate though, so her intimidating power rendered my classmates speechless and asked us about the stuff we learned, without breaking the ice. She got angry because none of my classmates responded. I understand them, they flinched. Then my teacher goes on and questions the class’ sanity. Our class didn’t respond anything and we were all sitting ducks. Then she asked us if we were really the highest section. Devious thoughts were running through my mind at this moment thinking “who does she think she is?” at the same time asking myself “what the heck are my classmates doing?”
This went on for 30 minutes. Discrimination everywhere and my classmates too frightened to speak. I grew weary. I knew it was time to draw the line. I stood up and spoke up staring at her and said something along the line “For the sake of the class’ sanity Ma’am, stop, just stop…” My mental state was at an overload. I ranted for so long. Giving the substitute what she wanted to hear. I couldn’t just sit down and let the whole class’ dignity be brought down due to fear. No! This won’t happen again. Fear shouldn’t be an obstacle. It brought our class down last year but never again. I had to protect my class’ image. I struck her down word after word. She retaliated with so many questions and I answered her to the point where she had no comeback. The room’s atmosphere was fierce. I shove every single lesson we had last year topic after topic question after question. I had to assert dominance. I knew I had won. She admitted defeat.
In her defense it was her way to get us to talk, pushing us down. I knew what she wanted yet my classmates couldn’t provide. I knew she wanted someone to stand up so I did. I don’t know what happened. My mind was hazy I couldn’t process long term memory in that event so I can’t recall what I said word for word.
Sometimes for the sake of the people you love you have to let go of fear to pass the obstacles life gives you. It’s what people lack these days. We have to learn to stand up for ourselves.
So have you ever had that moment where you had to stand up for your friends despite fearing the aggressor?

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School is back in session | 06/02/2015

Hey guys! Summer is officially over here In the Philippines and classes are finally back in session. Summer was a blast but school is where it’s at. The first day of classes was really eventful for me. I started the day full of stamina and ended it barely having any voice left. It’s really funny how this day went. It’s a good reassurance though showing that I have what it takes to take on the whole school year. This year I plan to achieve one thing and that is to become the best. I’ve been through so much and the one thing I have yet to ask myself is “what is there really to lose?” I mean in the end if it’s beneficial to me then why do I have to let occasional fear and nervousness bring me down right?

Anyways the day started off like every other school day, the principal giving his speech, the Flag Ceremony. It’s like summer never came by at all. Unlike my previous school which gives appreciation to the smallest of things. Then again that was a private school where students are few. This is a public school and only the best will get recognize. That’s more reason to fuel my tenacity. The Student government were supposed to take care of the Flag ceremony but was moved to next week. I feel happy with that seeing as I wasn’t ready to lead the stage.

After being told that we didn’t have to arrange the FC the SG quickly dissipated and went to their respective sections. It didn’t take long for me to find my classmates. We rounded out each other quickly and later our advisor brought us to our classroom. I wasn’t exactly excited for the classroom since I’ve basically stayed there on my vacant time last year so it’s not really new to me.

The class was already in an uproar before the second period. Unlike the previous years where the students were like angels on the first day of classes this year wasn’t. Everyone basically knew each other so there was no shyness anywhere.

The day basically was class elections, introductions, introductions, introductions, and me standing up for my classmates from our science’s substitute teacher. I’ll probably talk about that in another post.

Other than that the day was pretty nice. I’m sorry if the post was a bit vague It was a lot longer a while ago. Then technical issues happened and I lost 3 hours of writing and it’s already 1am and I still have classes later so yeah.

Update 06/01/15

Hey guys! It’s been a while since my last post, a couple weeks actually. Summer is finally over here in the Philippines and classes are back in session. Later today will mark the first day of classes. The summer was fun but nothing beats going back to school, well for me I guess. Seriously though I love learning so I guess I’m just being a bit biased. A couple days ago we finished of our church’s presentation for the “Flowers of May” or as we call it here in the Philippines “Flores de Mayo” It was nice despite the fact that it started to rain as we headed back to church.
School hopefully wouldn’t be a drag this year. I’ll keep you guys updated on school, I’m not sure how frequent but I will.

Summer Fun | Trying to make the most of it

Hey guys! Albert here and today was really fun, well not just today but the whole week was amazing and what’s great here is the week isn’t done yet! So yesterday me and the gang went swimming, by ‘the gang’ I mean me and my two best friends Kath and Shion plus a new friend Matthew, no not my classmate from 6th grade and no not my friend from school. A new Matthew (classmate of Shion) he’s a really great guy, a really fun personality and he can really talk, a lot. I met him in a game of League of Legends with Shion and Kath. Amazingly this year Kath and Shion tried playing MOBA’s (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) again after rage quitting both DotA 1 and DotA 2. This time they managed at it. In hindsight though League of Legends doesn’t have a steep learning curve unlike DotA does. The only reason I play LoL is the fact that I rarely see DotA players these days. Well I know a lot of DotA players but only a fairly small amount of them play DotA 2. Luckily due to that game I met Matthew. Seeing the person as I am (Making friends is really easy for me. I don’t know how much I’ve said that already but nonetheless here I am saying it again) we became close fairly quick. Next thing I knew we were riding bikes together through the streets of Pasig.

In the past few days it was just the four of us hanging out. Hanging out, it was fun, It’s been a nearly a year since I had something like this. There’s still a month of summer of left there’s still a lot to be done. It’s going to be a while until we get this of level of bonding again. I mean once school starts it’s going to be really hectic and it’s going to be hard finding time for each other. Heck one-fourth of May I’ll be preoccupied by orientations for school. The fact that school hasn’t started yet makes me more worried seeing that if we’re already doing so much, ‘we’ as in the Student Government, then what more when school starts and school work begins to pile up as well. I love school but the fact that I’m in a position where I barely have time for myself sucks. I can manage though so that’s fine. The only time I’d probably be in a rush is probably before Christmas break and before the end of classes. That’s my position as a 3rd year student. Well since the government approved the new K-12 system I guess I’m not really a 3rd year student anymore but a 9th grader. Anyway as I was saying, that’s my position as a 9th grader what more for Shion and Kath whose in the 10th grade and is in a Private school.

It’s the middle of summer and I feel like it’s really going too fast. In May 5 I’ll be enrolling, by May 18 we’ll start our Student Government projects and by June school starts again. So there’s that to look forward too. I haven’t really finished much of my goals this summer yet. I haven’t told you guys but I’ve started lifting weights again. Unfortunately the only weights I could get my hands on are 6lbs which is honestly for me not really effective anymore. Seeing as I can do 500 per day, per arm, it’s not as effective as it was 2 years ago where I can only do up to 30 or 50 I guess? Looks like I’d get more from doing push ups. Basically I’m trying to get my body well-toned before classes start. I do that every year and I’m happy with my standings as the strongest guy in class. I don’t really like talking about me and my class, basically trying to start a conversation with me along those lines makes me brag and I don’t want to be a boastful guy.

My hair has gotten really long. I’ve got plans to have it cut in couple of days, I’m planning to go old school and get the old classic tidy cut. That’s a lot adjectives for a haircut. Seriously though my hair is so long, especially my bangs, my bangs are so long I can almost taste it literally probably by next week it would be long enough for me to lick my hair. I love it, but I have to lose it for the sake of following school rules and regulations plus it’s gotten so long the only way for me to make it look good is by giving myself a salon treatment every time I wash my hair. That takes half an hour so it’s not that intuitive, I believe. I want to be in look better than I ever had, ever before school starts. I feel like the 9th grade is going to be a real game changer and I have to make the best of it.

I’m going to cut it short here. So? How is you summer? Spending it well? All I can say now is make the best of it. As always this has Albert Ibay and every day is a new experience, thanks for reading 😉

Pitter-Patter | An original Poem

Pitter patter says the rain
as the sun fades away
Clouds of darkness says hello
The sky misses what is yellow

Sadness shrouds the sky
As it begins to wonder why
How a perfect day could turn
into something so cold it makes you churn

Little did he know
there is light in the darkness
A warmth, a silver lining
that in the end there is hope

Happiness is found in every place
As long as you learn to open your eyes
forget the darkness and you will fly
so when your sad learn to smile

Pitter patter says the rain
as the cloud fades away