Update | on our way to the province

Hey guys. We’re currently heading to Baler and I’ll be writing a travel article so that’s something for you guys to look forward to. I’ll probay have it up on Saturday night or Sunday morning Philippine time that is. So look forward to that.


Summer Fun | Trying to make the most of it

Hey guys! Albert here and today was really fun, well not just today but the whole week was amazing and what’s great here is the week isn’t done yet! So yesterday me and the gang went swimming, by ‘the gang’ I mean me and my two best friends Kath and Shion plus a new friend Matthew, no not my classmate from 6th grade and no not my friend from school. A new Matthew (classmate of Shion) he’s a really great guy, a really fun personality and he can really talk, a lot. I met him in a game of League of Legends with Shion and Kath. Amazingly this year Kath and Shion tried playing MOBA’s (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) again after rage quitting both DotA 1 and DotA 2. This time they managed at it. In hindsight though League of Legends doesn’t have a steep learning curve unlike DotA does. The only reason I play LoL is the fact that I rarely see DotA players these days. Well I know a lot of DotA players but only a fairly small amount of them play DotA 2. Luckily due to that game I met Matthew. Seeing the person as I am (Making friends is really easy for me. I don’t know how much I’ve said that already but nonetheless here I am saying it again) we became close fairly quick. Next thing I knew we were riding bikes together through the streets of Pasig.

In the past few days it was just the four of us hanging out. Hanging out, it was fun, It’s been a nearly a year since I had something like this. There’s still a month of summer of left there’s still a lot to be done. It’s going to be a while until we get this of level of bonding again. I mean once school starts it’s going to be really hectic and it’s going to be hard finding time for each other. Heck one-fourth of May I’ll be preoccupied by orientations for school. The fact that school hasn’t started yet makes me more worried seeing that if we’re already doing so much, ‘we’ as in the Student Government, then what more when school starts and school work begins to pile up as well. I love school but the fact that I’m in a position where I barely have time for myself sucks. I can manage though so that’s fine. The only time I’d probably be in a rush is probably before Christmas break and before the end of classes. That’s my position as a 3rd year student. Well since the government approved the new K-12 system I guess I’m not really a 3rd year student anymore but a 9th grader. Anyway as I was saying, that’s my position as a 9th grader what more for Shion and Kath whose in the 10th grade and is in a Private school.

It’s the middle of summer and I feel like it’s really going too fast. In May 5 I’ll be enrolling, by May 18 we’ll start our Student Government projects and by June school starts again. So there’s that to look forward too. I haven’t really finished much of my goals this summer yet. I haven’t told you guys but I’ve started lifting weights again. Unfortunately the only weights I could get my hands on are 6lbs which is honestly for me not really effective anymore. Seeing as I can do 500 per day, per arm, it’s not as effective as it was 2 years ago where I can only do up to 30 or 50 I guess? Looks like I’d get more from doing push ups. Basically I’m trying to get my body well-toned before classes start. I do that every year and I’m happy with my standings as the strongest guy in class. I don’t really like talking about me and my class, basically trying to start a conversation with me along those lines makes me brag and I don’t want to be a boastful guy.

My hair has gotten really long. I’ve got plans to have it cut in couple of days, I’m planning to go old school and get the old classic tidy cut. That’s a lot adjectives for a haircut. Seriously though my hair is so long, especially my bangs, my bangs are so long I can almost taste it literally probably by next week it would be long enough for me to lick my hair. I love it, but I have to lose it for the sake of following school rules and regulations plus it’s gotten so long the only way for me to make it look good is by giving myself a salon treatment every time I wash my hair. That takes half an hour so it’s not that intuitive, I believe. I want to be in look better than I ever had, ever before school starts. I feel like the 9th grade is going to be a real game changer and I have to make the best of it.

I’m going to cut it short here. So? How is you summer? Spending it well? All I can say now is make the best of it. As always this has Albert Ibay and every day is a new experience, thanks for reading 😉

Pitter-Patter | An original Poem

Pitter patter says the rain
as the sun fades away
Clouds of darkness says hello
The sky misses what is yellow

Sadness shrouds the sky
As it begins to wonder why
How a perfect day could turn
into something so cold it makes you churn

Little did he know
there is light in the darkness
A warmth, a silver lining
that in the end there is hope

Happiness is found in every place
As long as you learn to open your eyes
forget the darkness and you will fly
so when your sad learn to smile

Pitter patter says the rain
as the cloud fades away

What time is it? | My Sleeping Pattern

Good morning guys! Well I say good morning, well then again it’s probably early where some of you guys live, anyways on to the topic for today. Everyone needs sleep, it’s a natural necessity for basically everyone. If you come up to me and try to tell me you don’t sleep then I would call you a vampire. Not really, but still, everyone has their own sleeping patterns, patterns which depends on the needs of the person. For example teenagers who goes to school goes to sleep early to catch the bus, or people who works graveyard shifts sleeps in the morning and awakens late afternoon or at night. This summer though, I don’t have school and I don’t really work, plus I don’t really do chores unless I wake up early, so yeah. you guys probably know where this is going. Continue reading

Writing, A Method to Help Find Yourself | A Message to My Readers | I Made Myself A Cake | 1st Blogiversary

Hey there guys! Let me start this all of by greeting all of you with a heightened amount of enthusiasm. Why? Because you guys are awesome and you deserve to be greeted like a celebrity passing by a local town. You see today is my blog’s first ever Blogiversary! Seriously, I can’t believe that it has been a whole year since I started this blog. To commemorate this moment I made myself a cake in blender (Don’t judge, I suck at 3d modelling.) Writing has always been a passion of mine and this blog has been a very good medium to fuel my need to write.

Looking back at the past couple months, I can say for a fact that blogging can really boost a person’s moral and self-esteem. Yes, writing is a way to help us reflect on who we really are. No matter what you’re writing about, writing can really help us learn more about ourselves. When you think about it, I believe that the way you write reflects on your personality, whether your solemn, straight-forward, goofy, careless, love going in circles, and others. Anyways writing can help give you that extra boost. When you’re lost? Write, write about it. I believe that all the answers we need is deep inside our hearts. Well unless it’s trigonometry then no, well some algebraic equations probably. Jokes aside, writing is a really good thing. A study once shown that people who loves to write in a daily basis have a higher self-esteem and are more composed as opposed to those who didn’t.

‘Another Day with Al’ is my pride and joy, It’s a great achievement to myself, you know? something I can speak high of. The fact that there are people who actually read my stuff. I don’t really mind the numbers. I don’t care how small they are, what’s important to me is that I have loyal readers. You guys know who you are, pat yourselves in the back and have a cookie. Thank you guys, really. You see, people come and go across my blog, but you guys stayed by me. From beginning to the end, well not really from the beginning, but I guess from the moment you first stumbled upon this little site of mine. There are people who come by the site, likes a few posts, follows the blog from time to time, yet I never see them again after. There are some of you guys though, who has the patience to go about reading, about my articles, about my day. You have become part of my life and seeing you guys liking and reading about my day constantly, post after post it’s just heartwarming.

I would love to give you guys something, but unfortunately that is beyond my capabilities. First of all I’m 14 I can’t really start a giveaway, especially international once since my readers are thousands of miles away from me. Mainly due to the fact I’m not of age to do something like that. All I can give you is my love… That didn’t sound the way I thought it would… Let’s rephrase that. All I can give you guys is my thanks, the smiles on your face and the smile on mine. Hopefully when I’m able to I can give you, my loyal readers a postcard or a souvenir from the Philippines.

I don’t really have much to say. I’m basically out of words. All I can say now is thank you guys for taking the time to read this. It really means a lot to me and that may your day be as special as you guys are.

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I Got My Scholarship Form

Hey guys! I just wanted to let you all know that I’m going to be applying for a scholarship this school year. you see i find that the main hindrance to getting to the top of the class is projects. I don’t really want to spend money making projects, especially my own. So I’m going to take up a scholarship and may that be the funding for my projects at school.

Mind you getting the form was an experience for me. Going to city hall all alone with no one to guide you, that’s scary. Especially for me since I get very nervous when going out alone making people think that I’m guilty of something. Luckily people there were friendly and approachable making asking for directions easier. Though I was led astray and got lost. I just backtracked find where I needed to go.

I’ll be heading back to city hall after enrolling on the fifth of may so yeah. This scholarship is going to open up a whole new door of opportunities for me, I just know it

Our House Nearly Burned Down | It Wasn’t me This Time

Hey guys! Anyways a couple hours ago something major happened. I was fast asleep when I was awoken by the sound of people exclaiming “FIRE!” My grandmother told me to wake up as the house behind ours was set on fire. I looked out the shades and saw the horrifying image. You can’t see the sky, it was filled with a black cloud of smoke, you can almost smell it. (For once it wasn’t me who started the fire at the very least, not like last time.) “Call the fire department” My aunt exclaimed, surely they’ve called the fire department by now I thought to myself. I went out to get a bigger view, as I exited the gates of my house I heard a siren getting louder. “Is our house on fire” our neighbor cried out. “Yes that’s the house where it started” another guy replied to him. I saw a glimpse of that guys face. I saw the horror, panic and distraught on his face. The guy who owned the house was just a guy who made doors and windows. The cause of the fire I wondered at that time.

The fire was so close to my house my grandmother prepared for the worst and started to pack everything in sacks. All the gadgets, clothes and important documents was on one place in less than 10 minutes. There was over 10 Firetrucks outside the house, but the thing is they can’t fit. The street could only hold 1 normal sized car and for a Firetruck it was hard.

Pasig City FiretrucksLook at them piled up like that. Fire trucks not only Local wide came by, but also City wide came, as well as people from different organizations. I find this uneconomical and unproductive mainly due to the fact that the other firetrucks won’t really be much of a use will it? The only plausible thing they can help with is by lending the ones in front their hoses.

Pasig City FIre BrigadeThe Fire Brigade used our house as a pathway to get closer to the fire, since the only thing between the burning house and our house was a big fence, no it wasn’t wooden, it was made of cement. Luckily our house wasn’t affected. The fire which blazed so high was extinguished after hours of trying to contain it.

We gave thanks to the fire department and gave them water as well. It turns out that the fire started was when a kid was playing with fire near clothes, the clothes blazed into flames, the kid panicked and instead of extinguishing it, he ran. The fire got out of control and with nobody at home the house went up in flames. All was set to ashes. No one was hurt at the very least so that’s good.

So kids lesson here, don’t play with fire, you’ll just get burned.

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