Inspiration At A Glance | A New Beginning

Inspiration At A Glance

This Is Farewell

It has been over a year and looking back I can say I’ve really grown a lot as a person. I’ve written over 200 articles, some has been deleted and some are unfinished. I had a really great time writing this blog and interacting with others. I’ve learned a lot as a person and this blog really helped me when I needed to find myself. After all this time It’s sad to say but I won’t be updating this blog anymore and it’s farewell to Another Day With Al.

Why Am I leaving?

I feel like this blog is just a little bit of everything and it’s already to cramp. I feel like the best thing to do is to start fresh. I don’t feel comfortable any more with this blog and it’s strangling me in an abstract way. I want to start something new, I started this blog without an actual direction and it left it with many loose ends, I want to start something with a goal in mind.

I’ll still be writing

This might be farewell for this blog but It’s not goodbye for you and me. I’ve started a new blog whose main goal is to inspire, to give meaning, to leave a smile on your faces. This might be a good opportunity to partake in a new community of bloggers.

Inspiration At A Glance

The new blog is at and hopefully you guys will take the time to read it. I don’t know how constantly I’ll update it but I will make sure to make it better than this blog is.

So guys I hope you liked where this blog has gone. I really want to continue this but I feel like its counter productive. I want you guys to have the best experience so I would highly recommend you checking out my new blog.


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