These Past Couple of Months – A Cup of Coffee with Al

“By your hands, Millions – Billions of lives will be altered, caught up by the chain of events begun by you this day. –Andy Andrews, the Butterfly Effect

I don’t like those days where practically nothing eventful happens in my life. I tend to separate school and my personal life to the extremes, and I have an uncanny principle where the things I do in school won’t really matter after I graduate so I tend to focus on achieving things in my personal life instead.

One reason on why I tend to separate school from my personal life is the fact that I barely have friends in school which I would consider “Lifelong.” I may develop many friendships inside school, but it stays there. I have a very strict principle on what “Friends” really is. If they’re there when you most need them and would sacrifice their time for you then I would consider them my friend. Unless they have a hidden agenda in which case the way I see them would change dramatically and I would often times keep them under close observation. Friends are a good balance of Loyalty, and Honesty. If they overdo one of those it would be really catastrophic and lead to a toxic friendship.

These past couple of months has been a fight over where I’m going to spend my time and efforts. Just because I prioritize my personal life more than my life at school doesn’t mean I don’t care about it. I still have to uphold my Integrity at school. Seeing as I have a lot of commitments at school and many contests where I hold the name of the school, I still have to do my best then. I may not be the top student in my class, I could be if I wasn’t lazy, I’m still one of the few students in my class who is given the privilege to go against other schools.

I was the best feature writer in our school last Mini Press Conference and so I was one of our school’s journalist who went against the other schools in our city in a Division Press Conference. I barely got through the Division Press Con and now we’re going for the regionals next month. We’re still training for the math quiz bee. I’m not quite sure when the actual quiz bee will be held but we’ll be ready. I’m also still waiting for the eliminations for reading proficiency in the following days to come.

In my last entry I talked about how falling in love in junior high school felt like. That love story ship set sail a couple weeks ago. We might have been in love for a short amount of time, but the only problem is the relationship was so toxic. Mostly on her part seeing as she wasn’t whole. She had a lot of life problems as well as problems in school. We decided it was best for us to stay as friends instead. It’s the best thing for her I guess. We’re fine being settled as friends and it’s actually proving to be a better road to take.

I’ve been attending a couple of acting workshops these past couple of weeks; Opportunities which my best friend, Kath if you remembered her, set me up for. I’m really grateful for her because of that. She also gave way for me to make new friends. One of them was because of a misunderstanding between her and Shion and I made friends with a friend of her, Steff, to cheer her up. It’s nice to make new friends; it’s light on the heart and is a really good feeling.

I’ve been spending most of my free time with Kath and Shion lately. It’s been a while since the scene was like this. I’ve been absent from their lives half of last year and I didn’t really get to spend much time with them, but this time I feel like I’m spending too much time with them. Then again is there really something that’s “Spending too much time” I guess there is but what the heck. I’d rather be with them than elsewhere anyways.

My birthday passed by already. It was on the sixth of September. It wasn’t really the best birthday, sure I spent the whole day traveling across NCR with Shion and Kath, but the thing that makes me really sad is the fact that my parents didn’t even greet me a happy birthday or got me anything as a matter of fact. I’ve been anticipating my birthday for so long hoping to get something from my dad, but nothing. Not even a card, a cake or a mere “Happy Birthday.”

I’ve gotten over it yet it’s seared at the back of my mind and at some point I just really can’t accept it and I just burst out cry my tears out. I guess it could be worse. At least I got to spend some quality time with Kath and Shion as well as having got noticed by other people.

Also my scholarship request got approved and I got my first allowance a couple weeks ago where I bought myself a new bag, some clothes and new shoes.

I believe in the butterfly effect. I know that I wouldn’t gotten where I am right now if it wasn’t for decisions I made months, even years ago. It all started I guess when I met Shion and my whole life started to take shape. If it wasn’t for me meeting him my whole life would be way worse than what it is right now I believe. It gave me light and a path to focus on. A hope to hold on to and a group of friends I can say is true.

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One thought on “These Past Couple of Months – A Cup of Coffee with Al

  1. It seems like you’ve been really busy these pasts months! It’s really nice that you and her ended on a good note. Yay for friends and friendship! Oh! and Happy Happy Happy Birthday! (even if it was weeks ago heheh)

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