Falling in Love | Life in Junior High School

I love that feeling of being in love, the effect of having butterflies when you wake up in the morning. That is special.
Hey guys, Albert here! I find that life really works in mysterious ways. It’s amazing how the universe finds a way to surprise you for everything you’ve done for it. It’s astonishing that no matter how hard you try for something you just never reach it. You keep searching and searching yet what you don’t realize is that you have what you’ve wanted all along. We’re just too blind to realize it. We have to learn to appreciate the small things and be content and without even realizing it your closer to success than you’ve ever been before.

I’ve been searching for something for so long now, love. I always get blinded and never find what I’m truly searching for. I take interest and partake in so many different thing. From flirting to flattering words. I just never can’t find that one person who I’m willing to give my heart to. Then I realized “why was I doing all of this.” I don’t need to change to find others. I need to start to be true to myself. Then she came to my life. Someone I never realize would be the person I’d give myself whole-heartedly. The girl I’d be willing to love unconditionally. I’ve known this girl for a while now but never realized her worth in my life until now. I’ve just been too busy looking for others when it turns out someone deserving was already near me. I just chose to ignore it. Now that I’ve taken attention I’m happy to find someone who’s deserving of my heart.

I will do my best to go through every obstacle life may throw at me. I have committed to this and that means no turning back. I will do my best to keep her happy and keep her safe.

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