Standing up for the People you Love | Life in Junior High School

Everybody has their own stand. Everyone has a sense of pride on their capabilities. Everyone hates being brought down. New people enter our lives every single day and judge us. That’s okay, it’s a survival instinct we’ve come to develop but there comes a time where your own dignity is being put down. What’s worse is that your friends are becoming victims of that too. Sometimes it’s just enough, someone has to take a stand, and someone has to speak out.
Our science teacher is on leave since she’s undergoing surgery and we’ve been given a substitute teacher for this month of June. This teacher walked in our room and gave the usual first day talk where she asks us about the things we learned last year. The only problem with her was that she brought this intimidating aura as she entered the classroom scaring my classmates to forget how to speak. Now this substitute came from the lower bracket and doesn’t know how the pilot section works. We don’t subject to fear, well my classmate though, so her intimidating power rendered my classmates speechless and asked us about the stuff we learned, without breaking the ice. She got angry because none of my classmates responded. I understand them, they flinched. Then my teacher goes on and questions the class’ sanity. Our class didn’t respond anything and we were all sitting ducks. Then she asked us if we were really the highest section. Devious thoughts were running through my mind at this moment thinking “who does she think she is?” at the same time asking myself “what the heck are my classmates doing?”
This went on for 30 minutes. Discrimination everywhere and my classmates too frightened to speak. I grew weary. I knew it was time to draw the line. I stood up and spoke up staring at her and said something along the line “For the sake of the class’ sanity Ma’am, stop, just stop…” My mental state was at an overload. I ranted for so long. Giving the substitute what she wanted to hear. I couldn’t just sit down and let the whole class’ dignity be brought down due to fear. No! This won’t happen again. Fear shouldn’t be an obstacle. It brought our class down last year but never again. I had to protect my class’ image. I struck her down word after word. She retaliated with so many questions and I answered her to the point where she had no comeback. The room’s atmosphere was fierce. I shove every single lesson we had last year topic after topic question after question. I had to assert dominance. I knew I had won. She admitted defeat.
In her defense it was her way to get us to talk, pushing us down. I knew what she wanted yet my classmates couldn’t provide. I knew she wanted someone to stand up so I did. I don’t know what happened. My mind was hazy I couldn’t process long term memory in that event so I can’t recall what I said word for word.
Sometimes for the sake of the people you love you have to let go of fear to pass the obstacles life gives you. It’s what people lack these days. We have to learn to stand up for ourselves.
So have you ever had that moment where you had to stand up for your friends despite fearing the aggressor?

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