School is back in session | 06/02/2015

Hey guys! Summer is officially over here In the Philippines and classes are finally back in session. Summer was a blast but school is where it’s at. The first day of classes was really eventful for me. I started the day full of stamina and ended it barely having any voice left. It’s really funny how this day went. It’s a good reassurance though showing that I have what it takes to take on the whole school year. This year I plan to achieve one thing and that is to become the best. I’ve been through so much and the one thing I have yet to ask myself is “what is there really to lose?” I mean in the end if it’s beneficial to me then why do I have to let occasional fear and nervousness bring me down right?

Anyways the day started off like every other school day, the principal giving his speech, the Flag Ceremony. It’s like summer never came by at all. Unlike my previous school which gives appreciation to the smallest of things. Then again that was a private school where students are few. This is a public school and only the best will get recognize. That’s more reason to fuel my tenacity. The Student government were supposed to take care of the Flag ceremony but was moved to next week. I feel happy with that seeing as I wasn’t ready to lead the stage.

After being told that we didn’t have to arrange the FC the SG quickly dissipated and went to their respective sections. It didn’t take long for me to find my classmates. We rounded out each other quickly and later our advisor brought us to our classroom. I wasn’t exactly excited for the classroom since I’ve basically stayed there on my vacant time last year so it’s not really new to me.

The class was already in an uproar before the second period. Unlike the previous years where the students were like angels on the first day of classes this year wasn’t. Everyone basically knew each other so there was no shyness anywhere.

The day basically was class elections, introductions, introductions, introductions, and me standing up for my classmates from our science’s substitute teacher. I’ll probably talk about that in another post.

Other than that the day was pretty nice. I’m sorry if the post was a bit vague It was a lot longer a while ago. Then technical issues happened and I lost 3 hours of writing and it’s already 1am and I still have classes later so yeah.


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