What time is it? | My Sleeping Pattern

Good morning guys! Well I say good morning, well then again it’s probably early where some of you guys live, anyways on to the topic for today. Everyone needs sleep, it’s a natural necessity for basically everyone. If you come up to me and try to tell me you don’t sleep then I would call you a vampire. Not really, but still, everyone has their own sleeping patterns, patterns which depends on the needs of the person. For example teenagers who goes to school goes to sleep early to catch the bus, or people who works graveyard shifts sleeps in the morning and awakens late afternoon or at night. This summer though, I don’t have school and I don’t really work, plus I don’t really do chores unless I wake up early, so yeah. you guys probably know where this is going.

I don’t know if I’ve already written it before but I work better late at night. So basically what that means is that I’m a night owl. A night owl is basically…

night owl

a person who is habitually active or wakeful at night.

So that basically sums it up. I’m more active at night, habitually though. Meaning I’m better at night only due to it being a habit. Meaning I lower my potential in the morning, when I could really have better potential in the morning, but my body doesn’t really does to make it seem I do better at night which honestly doesn’t feel like a good lifestyle choice.

For the past couple of weeks my sleeping pattern has really been something. Starting from going to sleep at 2am and waking up on 10am to what I have now. Basically I now go to sleep at around 5-7am depending on how much insomnia has taken over up to 1-3pm depending on when my bladder wants to wake me up. Insomnia has really been a thing. That feeling where your so tired, you have your eyes close, trying to fall asleep. Your imagination shrouds you still with you being able to think rationally unable to fall asleep. That’s how I describe my Insomnia, it might be different for some of you but that’s how mine goes. Then again I do still get 7-10 hours asleep depending how the night goes, or… well morning maybe. Still though I feel like I’m deprived of sleep, head aching, dizziness and all that. Is that natural? Is it just that? I mean my usual 10pm-6am sleep pattern when I have school doesn’t make me feel weird, that’s 8 hours of sleep. Yet my sleep pattern of 5am-1pm makes me feel so weird. Is it just my body adjusting to the pattern? Well I guess that probably is the reason why. I don’t want to think much of it due to the fact that it’s really hurting my head. I had a really long day and I”m feeling sleepy.

Nearly all the people I know, well teenagers that is are still probably awake like me, well I know they are judging on Facebook. It’s not only me with a sleeping pattern like this on summer. It’s basically a trend here in the Philippines, the sleeping pattern. Basically most of the teens picked it up on their own experiences that it’s better at night.

My best friends are into this as well. I remember two summers where we Skyped all night nearly everyday. Testing each others endurance on how much long they can stay awake. My brother got into it much to my annoyance. I’d like to spend my nights alone well at least not with my brother. That’s what I loved about last summer. Spending nights alone, accompanied by silence only to be broken by the sounds of YouTube. Now I have to stick up with the TV and the light of it really annoys me. That’s probably a really selfish thing to say now that I think about it. I mean my brother deserves as much rights at night as I have.

The night really is a nice time, the lack of light doesn’t strain the eyes and the sun doesn’t have the chance to burn my skin. Our class had a get together a couple days after class ended and we went swimming. For 10 Hours straight only had a chance to get out of the water for about 30 minutes for food. That trip really left a mark and I’m trying to get my skin to become lighter and the sun wouldn’t probably help me to get any closer in achieving that goal.

The afternoons are great but not at this point of time seeing as I don’t have anything to do. As for now the night would be better. It’s nice to see sunrises it’s been awhile. I’m going to end this here seeing as I don’t have that much to say anymore so yeah.

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