I Got My Scholarship Form

Hey guys! I just wanted to let you all know that I’m going to be applying for a scholarship this school year. you see i find that the main hindrance to getting to the top of the class is projects. I don’t really want to spend money making projects, especially my own. So I’m going to take up a scholarship and may that be the funding for my projects at school.

Mind you getting the form was an experience for me. Going to city hall all alone with no one to guide you, that’s scary. Especially for me since I get very nervous when going out alone making people think that I’m guilty of something. Luckily people there were friendly and approachable making asking for directions easier. Though I was led astray and got lost. I just backtracked find where I needed to go.

I’ll be heading back to city hall after enrolling on the fifth of may so yeah. This scholarship is going to open up a whole new door of opportunities for me, I just know it


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