Our House Nearly Burned Down | It Wasn’t me This Time

Hey guys! Anyways a couple hours ago something major happened. I was fast asleep when I was awoken by the sound of people exclaiming “FIRE!” My grandmother told me to wake up as the house behind ours was set on fire. I looked out the shades and saw the horrifying image. You can’t see the sky, it was filled with a black cloud of smoke, you can almost smell it. (For once it wasn’t me who started the fire at the very least, not like last time.) “Call the fire department” My aunt exclaimed, surely they’ve called the fire department by now I thought to myself. I went out to get a bigger view, as I exited the gates of my house I heard a siren getting louder. “Is our house on fire” our neighbor cried out. “Yes that’s the house where it started” another guy replied to him. I saw a glimpse of that guys face. I saw the horror, panic and distraught on his face. The guy who owned the house was just a guy who made doors and windows. The cause of the fire I wondered at that time.

The fire was so close to my house my grandmother prepared for the worst and started to pack everything in sacks. All the gadgets, clothes and important documents was on one place in less than 10 minutes. There was over 10 Firetrucks outside the house, but the thing is they can’t fit. The street could only hold 1 normal sized car and for a Firetruck it was hard.

Pasig City FiretrucksLook at them piled up like that. Fire trucks not only Local wide came by, but also City wide came, as well as people from different organizations. I find this uneconomical and unproductive mainly due to the fact that the other firetrucks won’t really be much of a use will it? The only plausible thing they can help with is by lending the ones in front their hoses.

Pasig City FIre BrigadeThe Fire Brigade used our house as a pathway to get closer to the fire, since the only thing between the burning house and our house was a big fence, no it wasn’t wooden, it was made of cement. Luckily our house wasn’t affected. The fire which blazed so high was extinguished after hours of trying to contain it.

We gave thanks to the fire department and gave them water as well. It turns out that the fire started was when a kid was playing with fire near clothes, the clothes blazed into flames, the kid panicked and instead of extinguishing it, he ran. The fire got out of control and with nobody at home the house went up in flames. All was set to ashes. No one was hurt at the very least so that’s good.

So kids lesson here, don’t play with fire, you’ll just get burned.

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