I Got my Card | Class Record

Hey guys. A couple days ago our class records were released and I got my card. So yeah here’s my grades for this year.


Before I talk about anything else I want you guys to know the value of each letrer, since our country doesn’t follow the A, B, C, D, F format other countries go with. In my school we do it like this.

A:90+ – Advanced
P:85-89 – Proficient
AP:80-84 – Approaching Proficiency
D:75-79 – Developing
B:74- – Beginning

That’s basically how were ranked with letters. Being in the section that I am, I cannot have any grade below 80 or else I’m out of my section. It’s hard, well not really but It’s hard work nonetheless. Not that I’m saying I’m doing hard work seeing as I don’t really have high grades. If you guys have been following me from the start you know that I have a chill and let it be attitude. I’m not saying I’m proud of the 87.75 general average but it’s good enough to retain my section. That grade places me at rank 22 in our class. 22, 24 I forgot.
I would’ve done better if I put my heart into it. I know I have the potential to be the best, everyone does even you. Anyways I’ll do my best to best myself next schook year. Hopefully.


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