Its That Time of The Year Again | Mosquitoes

Hey guys! It’s the most annoying time of the year again here in the Philippines. The mosquitoes are back, and man are they biting. The time when they come is so unpredictable if you ask me. Mosquitoes are a natural thing in the Philippines but there are times they just come in swarms. The last time a huge swarm of mosquitoes came was in the middle of December. Luckily the mosquitoes aren’t as they were the last time, I mean really the last time they came in tens and thousands. Literally if you go out the streets at night and a the light of a car passes by you’ll know what I mean. Hundred’s of thousands were seen after placing a house with pesticide and that’s just a small house. I remember killing hundreds of them in my spare time when that happened. Luckily they weren’t disease carrying mosquitoes. I just hate times like this. I can’t get any sleep. Anyways just wanted to share this with you. Hope you have a mosquito free day.


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