The Time I Nearly Burned Down A Village | LTE

Hey there guys. I’ll be starting a new series today called LTE, which is short for “Learning Through Experience.” Everyone makes mistakes in their lives, I’m no exception. I’ve also done my fair share of mischiefs. Some people say that It’s better to stop when told, than continue what you’re doing and face the consequences. I say keep going. You know what’s great about life? It’s that there’s nothing wrong with moving forward, taking risks, because it’s only then will you truly learn. I’m not telling you to take the risks and doing stuff that’s illegal, no. There will always be a limit, a line we should not cross, cause once we do, we might not go back. Nothing in life is permanent though. Remember we write the story of our lives. Every story has its bad parts, but in the end is a happy ending. If somehow you weren’t able to get that happy ending, just erase what you wrote and try again. It’s going to take time though. What matters is that we learned, through those experiences we learned. That is the reason why I chose Learning through experience as my tagline.

A couple weeks back, an old friend of mine (Let’s just call him F) visited Pasig for a month. This guy he really have a knack of causing troubles, but without him I would’ve never learned so much I needed to learn to survive, to strive. I was heading home from school one day, stopped by and bought a burger, and just as I was about to leave I saw him coming. We smiled at each other, staring, and greeted with a hug. It’s been months since I saw this big guy. I haven’t lost contact with him, no. We always talk along with the others in our group on social media. My old trainer was with him, they asked me if I could accompany them to get his dog tag stamped. I hastily agreed seeing as I haven’t seen them or bonded with them in a long time. Yet I can’t help shake off that fuzzy feeling that we might do something rash again. That’s what usually happens when I’m with them. We dropped by over at my place first to change of my uniform. We headed to an old friend next, and then we headed to the mall to get the dog tag stamped.

We were heading to my trainer’s house, dropped by the grocery first to get something to “drink”. Then we headed over to a vacant lot over at their place where we just hanged out. I wasn’t able to drink, so I was sober. Main reason why is because my friend who was not sober threw my drink in the sewers, he said he thought it wouldn’t fit. We were playing with fire that time, first was V trying to burn me, it went on for quite a while. Later we found two red sofas on the vacant lot, it was dark, the place was overgrown and the sky was pitch black. We sat along the leather chairs, going on with what we we’re doing. On my mind was how to get back at V for trying to burn me. There I had a plan, there I found on the ground was the box of matches V had. I had a history of being a pyromaniac already. I didn’t know what I was doing anymore. Actually I knew perfectly well what I was doing, but it was the influence of my friends I tried to prank V. I grabbed the matchbox, opened it and grabbed a piece of match. I flicked the match through the rough surface of the box and the end of the match burst into flames, he didn’t notice. I placed the match under the sofa carefully trying to burn the seat. It didn’t work, the leather was too thick. I looked around, remembered the place was overgrown I found a long dry fond and burned the end, the fire went up so high, the seat still perfectly alive. The fire went up big but we managed to get rid of it. I was out of plans, distraught I looked around amidst the laughter and fun we were having, found an umbrella. Without hesitation poked it through the sofa. I burned the end of the umbrella and watched in amazement. The reaction of V was not what I expected. I expected that we would immediately get rid of the fire, alas, I was wrong. V became stiff. He wanted to take a picture of him sitting on the burning chair first. He was wasting time the sofa was burning inside already, I panicked, regretted what I have done.

It took a while to get the stubborn V off the chair. It was too late, the fire is inside the sofa, we couldn’t get near it anymore. We rushed out to find water. I didn’t know what I was going to do. I was afraid, afraid on what this might do. The flame was getting higher, it reached over 3 stories high it was spreading but still contained on that big open lot. I knew if nothing was done it would burn the village. I ran over to the guard house, pleading the guy there to help us. He gave us a bucket of water, I knew was not enough. I had to face the consequences. I had to face the people there. I didn’t live there so that’s insult to injury. By the time I got back the people who lived there managed to get the fire out. The rest of my memory there was a blur, but what I do remember is that I managed to find a way for them to forgive me. It was all right I thought as I was about to head home. I heard sirens, someone called 117(991) I didn’t know what I’d do now. I knew I’d have to face the fire department. Luckily since the people there forgave me they just asked my information and banned me from that village for a while.

I was this close to getting arrested that day, or at the very least sent to DSWD. Luckily I wasn’t. That was the stupidest thing I’ve ever done in my whole life. The only thing on my mind then was what if my school finds out? Luckily they didn’t I was safe. Thank God, nothing happened.

Lesson here is don’t play with fire if you’re not strong enough to contain it. Even if you are, just don’t play with fire, you’ll get burned, either literally or metaphorically.

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