Summer | Finally made it through the 8th grade

Hey guys! We’ve done it, made it through 8th grade! I don’t know how but we managed to make it, all paper works, projects, requirements, especially the finals. What’s great about this is that I have the time to do anything I want! The only downside to this is that I won’t be getting any allowance for a couple of months; that sucks. In hindsight, I don’t really have anything to spend my money on. Yesterday (March 20, 2015) was the last day of classes. Exams were only until 11 in the morning but in a sudden turn of events I got home from school at around 9pm. Since the 4th Year students are graduating this year there are barely anyone left to edit the graduation materials. I was called to help make the videos to be used on the graduation, I invited a couple friends along; we were only five people staying at the Computer Lab, 2 of which are teachers. We didn’t manage to finish all the work though so we’ll be coming back on Monday to finish them. Recognition day is on the 24th. Surprisingly despite not being part of the top 10 students in our class I’ll still be going up the stage on Tuesday. I’ve been awarded and dubbed the “Essayist of the Year” I’ll be getting a medal for that as well. The only thing I’m really waiting for right now is my report card, mainly because I’ll be applying for a scholarship this summer, so there’s that to look forward too.

Summer lasts for like what? 2 to 3 months? Well that’s a long time, it’s not like I have any work to do anyways. That’s enough time for me to prepare for the 9th grade I guess. Last summer really improved my personality, looking back at the pictures of me in the seventh grade I can say I’ve changed drastically in the last couple years. The 8th grade really improved my open mind; it showed me that my potentials are higher than what I originally thought. That’s probably what fuels my tenacity this summer. I must continue pushing myself further to increase my skills. The motivation and Inspirations that piled up just before school ended fuelled me for the summer. Some stuff I’m really looking forward to this summer is the fact that I have time to catch up with all my friends, as well as my exercise, diet, 3d modelling. I’m also going to take this time to bond with friends and finish some anime’s I haven’t had time to watch, as well as catching up with YouTube series.

We have a lot to catch up on due to my absence this past couple of weeks, I haven’t really told you guys much on what’s going on over at school. Therefore I’ll do my best to write my experiences and maybe turn it into a series. Hopefully the amount of stull I’ll be able to write would be able to compensate for my absence. It’s summer I have all the time I need, as long as I spend my time wisely that is.

I have a certain habit of procrastinating, to counteract that I wrote a schedule in my spare time, like which days I’ll be visiting my friends, or which days I’ll be focusing on what field of skill I’d like to improve. That’s just a general basis of course. I mean a day has 24 hours; 16 on which I’m hopefully awake. I’m pretty sure that I won’t be doing the same thing every day. It’s just reassuring that I have something to base my time with.

On contrary to how the community works, I’ll be spending most of my time inside. Sure there may be times I’ll be outside, but it’s not that productive, well not for me that is. I feel like if I focus long enough and do my best to stay away from social media I’d be able to finish some stuff. Last summer I spent my summer outside working with my best friends, not this time though. I don’t have any commitments this summer, besides the grand offering; dawning the end of summer. Honestly though I have to set limit for myself and the laptop. I know that it’s my main source of knowledge, but still it’s a little bit unhealthy. My mind is actually fighting whether it’s nice or not; me having a laptop. I get most of my work done here, and it makes me more productive. It basically opens up a door of opportunities, as well as the fact that the world is constantly becoming more and more technologically dependent. But then again it also brings a lot of problems. Well it’s not the laptop it’s self I guess. It’s the Wi-Fi. The radiation it emits is unhealthy. I feel like there’s no escaping that trap society built around technology. It’s bad for us but we can’t get rid of it because we depend on it. Hopefully people will be able to adapt and naturally be able to fight that off.

The main thing I have to say for summer is; let it be fun. I mean summer vacation is to give us a break. I mean imagine a world where there’s school the whole year? Awful I know. We have to make the best of what we can and we must remember to have fun. Everybody deserves a break once in a while. Take some time off and stop working. Focus on your hobbies, and amazingly that can help you become more productive. Cool off, that’s what the summer is for. Live. You’ve probably learned a lot about yourself at school. Your strengths and weaknesses I know I have. Therefore take this time to turn those weaknesses into strengths. Show people that you can make that extra feat and become a better person. You can find your answer to making your summer helpful in so many things. Likely and unlikely, read a book, clean your house. You don’t know you might suddenly find out something new about yourself. Take a lesson on martial arts. Whatever you want to do, or haven’t tried go ahead. It’s summer, make summer yours. Carpe Diem Seize the day. In this case seize the season.


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