February Problems | Why I haven’t wrote in awhile

Hey guys, Albert here. February, the month of love, It’s been really frustrating. I know you guys noticed I’m not posting as much as I used to. I have a lot of reasons but I don’t like giving others the BS story of I don’t  have much time. It’s actually a more deeper and personal reason I won’t be digging to deep in to. The month has really been hard for me. March doesn’t seem to be heading to the upside either.

I’m doing my best to stay assertive. I’m really being pushed to my limits on how positive I can be and how much longer I can fake a smile. Work isn’t piling up on me this time. What is piling up is the problems in life. I know I don’t have the rights to say that seeing as there are people in this world with bigger problems than me. Then again I’m only human, and as a human being I have my limits to.

This month gave me problems from friends, family, love, trust, school, and so much more. The anxiety is killing me. It’s so hard to stay positive when everything is falling, yet no matter how hard it is I must. Teachers are depending on me on so many things and If I fail to do one of those they’ll flail out I’m prioritizing the other teacher more. Friends are being a pain in the ass to. I’m constantly in the middle being pulled by two parties. I just want to be alone. Add those problems to the one where I lost my phone, and nearly burned down a village. My parents don’t even know I lost my phone and I’m too scared to break it to them, our family is already facing to  much problems financially and internally with one another, why add more problems for them? Love is pain, Love is annoying, yet I love unconditionally and will continue fighting. I don’t know if it’s the right thing to do but I must. It’s a principle I’ve always told myself I’d keep on doing.

I don’t know. Those are just but a taste of the problems I’m currently facing. The deeper side is I don’t know six times greater than that. I must smile. I must keep going forward. Everything is possible… I can turn anything great… That’s a principle I’ve lived for awhile now. I will do my best.

I don’t want my personal life to interfere with my consistency when blogging, yet I’ve failed. I know it’s not right for me to feel guilty, but I just do. I feel like everything that’s falling on top of me is my fault. Then again it has to be. We create our own paths don’t we. I just have to trust in the lord I guess.

Thank you guys for listening. I hope March would be a better month for me and for this blog.


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