The Laptop Is Way More Convenient | Advance Valentine | A Cup of Coffee With Al

Hey guys! I know, it’s been awhile since I’ve talked to you, but I’m here now so go grab yourself some coffee. I have mine on the tabletop right next to me. I kind of burnt my tongue a while ago, not like you needed to know that but hey this is the internet. That’s enough of me beating around the bush, sit down and I hope you fancy reading this.

For the last year I’ve always done all my tasks in the computer, occasionally I do them on the phone for extra convenience. One thing that is really annoying is that I share that computer with my brother. The annoying thing about that is that I don’t really manage my time that well and I barely get anything done before my brother needs to use the computer. My brother is a college student so to avoid any unnecessary conflicts I just let him be, I mean it’s not like he just procrastinates all day right? Well the thing is he does. He stays up all night really playing games. I myself have my fair share of games there but I don’t waste all my time on those games. A couple weeks ago the PC broke down and while it was being repaired I asked my dad for the laptop, which I must say at that time he reluctantly agreed. The next day I brought the laptop to school which my dad found out about. To my surprise he didn’t get angry. Well he probably did at first, I wasn’t there to see it if he did though. Anyways the only thing he said to me that I have to take responsibility and all that. Days after the computer was fixed I’m still here using the laptop. In my defense it’s better me using it. Why? Well mainly because the laptop is just inside the closet collecting dust. I have to say this laptop was faster ages ago mainly because of clean ventilation. It’s slowly becoming like the way it was before, but it still jitters a bit when hot.

I love the laptop mainly because of how convenient it is. I hate not being able to multitask. Smart multitasking that is. I’ll probably talk about that in the future, but for the sake of it I’ll give you guy the low down. Multitasking is bad cause we can’t serve two masters at once. Smart multitasking is multitasking with one task being done with the aid of thinking, the other one through muscle memory. One thing I hated about the PC is that if I want to watch something I can’t do anything else like exercising because the screen is at a fixed position and that I can’t do push ups looking at the screen, which evidently led me to being lazier. The thing about the laptop though is that it is super convenient. I can do anything I want without leaving work. Make coffee? I don’t have to pause what I’m doing because I can bring the laptop to the kitchen. Working out while watching a video? No problem, set the laptop on the floor and do all the exercise you want while at the same time getting to catch up to episodes on your favorite internet series. I must say that the PC will always be faster, the laptop has much more potential in the long run. If you can guess how I’m writing this post right now good for you. I’m lying down flat on the bed with the laptop on my knees. One thing I hate about the laptop though is the keyboard. I’m a touch-typist but this laptop is just, well, it’s not terrible, but it’s not great at the same time, well the keyboard that is. I don’t know how many times I’ve pressed “L” or “Spacebar” and realized that the computer didn’t register the keys as being pressed. It’s annoying since I have to go back and change that mistake. It’s not a big deal I guess, but I want to write straight without going back. All in all I love the laptop and right now I’m using it over the PC unless I need to use adobe light room.

Ahhh, that’s nice, I forgot I had my coffee next to me. One thing I can’t get my mind of though is this girl. I won’t tell you her name but let’s just refer to her as “J” for now. “J”Is actually a grade older than me, seeing as I’m in the 8th grade and she’s in the 9th that is. I met her a couple weeks back, we were starting to plan for our student government campaign and she was one of the campaign managers. I don’t really know but there was something about her that really captivated me. Before that lucky I mentioned that. Basically I’m running for the Eusebio High’s student government as a representative for the positive party. We just finished campaigning a while ago. It was a really good time. It’s nice to be away from my classmates for a week. Honestly I’ve developed a habit wherein no matter who my classmates might be I still find comfort from people outside of my circle of classmates. I just find my classmates, I don’t know, we just don’t have anything, well I say anything but what I really mean is that we don’t have that much in common. I don’t know that’s the way it is I guess. Tomorrow Friday the 13th of February is the election period. We’ll get the results on Monday. It’s a 50/50 I guess, well seeing as there are only two parties this year opposed to the previous years where there are a more competitiveness between the parties. The elections aren’t the only thing I’m worried about tomorrow I guess. I must admit this year is a bit annoying for me. Valentines is on Saturday and I’m a student. It’s hard for me to express my love on Saturday mainly because I don’t know where she lives and even if I did it’s just not right. I’m therefore forced to do it a day early as an advanced valentine. I don’t know if that’s a thing, but I don’t really care. I know for a fact that I won’t be able to make her fall, but I’m just opening her eyes to options. The reason for that is that she’s in love with someone else. I’m not going to give up that easily though. She’s in love with a 10th grader and that guy wasn’t affected by the K+12 Curriculum, he’s basically the last batch of students that will be able to graduate grade 10 here in the Philippines. Well since he’s the last batch I guess I can’t call him a 10th grader but a fourth year student instead. I’m not going to go to deep to that cause that’s something for another day. Meh, I still have 3 years to make her fall. Honestly I forgot what I was talking about. Anyways let’s just move on. I don’t want to disclose too much about my love life.

My coffee is thick. I added to much milk on my coffee today I guess. So last Monday I don’t know what happened but I suspect food poisoning. Me and my brother was puking like hell and had one piece of annoying diarrhea. I’m so sorry (To my school) If the 6th floor to the grounds is covered with puke. The smallest thing that enters my mouth it just wouldn’t stay. The medicine the clinic gave me went inside a puke bag. It was a feeling worse than getting my head beaten up in martial arts. It’s really annoying I must say so myself. I can’t believe it’s nearing an hour since I’ve started writing. Usually it only takes me around ten minutes but ok I guess. One last thing though before I end this. I’m currently starting a novel. I don’t have the title yet and I don’t know how long I’ll be able to commit to this. Basically here’s what I’ve got going on for me. Basically it’s “The story of a Troubled European trying to find True Love” here’s a little excerpt I guess.

After Tyler’s mom died he was forced to move in with his father in the states. Tyler’s Dad never showed appreciation for Tyler when he was a child, which adds more to his worries. Tyler seeks to be loved as he would love unconditionally, the new school proved this a hard feat seeing as people here were mean and he was humiliated by the bullies. Tyler them meets this down to earth country girl, he fell in love with her, but she’s already blinded by her love for “The Falcon” Tyler was persistent, he found a way with the help with his friends to get through all the obstacles, reconcile with his father and make her fall for him.

I hope I’ll be able to commit and finish this. That’s just what I have right now and I’m still going to build up to that.

So that’s basically it for today I guess. I still have a valentines card I need to finish and it’s really getting late. See you guys soon and I hope you had a good time writing this. Surprisingly I haven’t finished my coffee yet.

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