How To Fight A Losing Battle

Everybody has their own share of problems. Some with bigger ones than you are currently facing. Everyone battles through life, you know you have as well. Family? Love? Work? They all pose some type of problem for all of us. There are times when the challenges we have to face is just too big we choose to give up. I mean we know in ourselves that we can’t win it, right?

We can see the what the other side looks like. We can see the light. We can see the prize at the end, yet this tunnel looks like it never ends. We’re so close yet we’re so far. We just want to give up, to let go, and fall through this bottomless pit we can’t escape.

Look at the end of the tunnel? What do you see? Me? I see me and her. I’m facing a battle right now which seems impossible just like all of you guys. Yet we mustn’t ever give up. We must strive to keep going. Its a very dark and treacherous road. One wrong step and you’ll stagger farther back, farther from your goal, farther from the end of the tunnel.

I know it’s going to be hard. You know that deep inside too. Yet we still keep going for it. Why? Cause we want to achieve something, but sometimes we just stop and fail. We leave the problem. We leave the goal. We walk away from the light.

Which one are you? The one that keeps moving forward being a martyr, or the one who gives up in the middle of the tunnel and walks away? Me? I’ve done both. I’ve tried being a martyr and I’ve had a good share of walking away from problems never looking back.

You know what? If your the second type of person I’m not going to judge you. I admit the second option has its perks. If you chose the second option It’s either you’ve opened your eyes and found something better or you just don’t want to deal with life anymore and you become depressed. The second option leads you to something else which is good. I admit sometimes it’s better to walk away to find something better or you might have already found something better.

If your the first type of person and wants to fight the losing  battle good for you. In some cases it shows how stupid you are but it also shows commitment. The first option is a really treacherous road. It might take months or even years to attain what you want to get, but why are you reading this? It’s to learn how to win that losing battle. You know deep inside that this is really what must be. Nothing else can change your decision. The world is continuously going to strain you but you know that you can do it.

So how can you? Persistence is the key. You have to be persistent as and keep moving forward. Don’t look back if you do look back do it to learn not to push yourself down. Take it easy don’t rush. Take every step slowly. If you don’t you’ll take a wrong move and stagger and fall. No one said it was going to be an easy path. The only thing keeping us from stopping is love. Even when the whole world is against you remember you can do anything if you put your head into it.

When a big wall is in front of me do you what I do? I tell myself “I will find a way” Know your strengths and your weaknesses. If you know yourself then you can find a way to make anything happen. Don’t be afraid to take risks. Nothing will happen if you don’t do anything. With every mistakes we learn. Did you fall? Remember your still alive and “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” we fall, we learn so that next time we can become better for ourselves.

Yet there are times when we just can’t win the losing battle. Don’t say you’ve lost. Say that you’ve won, you have won yourself. You learned many things in life and that’s what’s important. You might not have won the girl, in my case, but you’ve won something more important. You’ve won Wisdom. Which is always better in the long run.

This guide wasn’t written with a dead end. It’s open ended. The decision is now up to you. You know when to stop. You know if you can win. You know that you’ll learn. Learning something is more than what a guide can give. Learning comes from experience. We must constantly be weary of everything around us. Take care and learn.

Don’t forget one of the most important things. Smile and stay happy. If you don’t then you’ll just constantly be down. Smile at your problems and your strengthen your will, pray, and you might just end up with a miracle.

My name is Albert and I’ll leave the next step up to you.

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