January Favorites | 2015

Hey there guys! It’s the last day of January and you guys know what that means right? Well you probably don’t. I don’t really do this since I rarely buy myself anything unless it’s food. Basically what I’m going to be doing today is showing you guys stuff which I really like this month. I never Imagined that one day I would be doing something like this. Hopefully It won’t be that horrible.

First thing on the list is Bench’s “Fix Professional Sooo Polished Shine Wax” 01

I actually got this a couple months back but never actually used it. Usually I use Clay Doh and Hair Spray, but It’s a tedious task getting my hair done when it’s a school day so I just settle with this. It doesn’t really provide much hold but with a dash of hairspray It gives a clean look and makes hair easier to control.

Next Is the “Babes Hair Works Setting Lotion”

03I had this for a few weeks now. It’s basically a setting lotion. I usually have dry scalp and conditioner doesn’t really do much. I’m currently using this as an alternative for hair spray as It doesn’t just keep the style of the hair but at the same time It keeps my scalp moisturized. It Isn’t as great as Hair Spray but the fact that I’m running out of hair spray for daily use makes this my next alternative.

Third on our list is the “Hair Glow for Men”

05This product basically acts as a Leave-in Conditioner as well as a moisturizer for my scalp. My only complaint is that when used alone it makes my hair look flat. This makes using other hair products easier since it’s like a moisturizing shell keeping the dirt of the other hair products from getting my scalp dirty. Here’s a fun fact I have a dandruff problem and this actually keeps it at a minimum.

That’s all the hair products I got. I have a hell lot more but I’m not really using them that much. So next on the list we have “Lewis and Pearl Scent Shop: Blue Navy”

I actually got this after seeing my aunt having one but with a different scent. I saw it on the shelves 02and thought I’d get it for myself since my other cologne is almost used up. Fun Fact about me: I layer my Colognes. What I mean by that is basically I put on Three different scents at once due to the fact that once one scent wears off the next one kicks in leaving me smelling good the whole day. Which I noticed from my classmates seems to be a hard thing to do in a hot country.

Last but not the least is “Daily Scent: Happy Hour”04

I actually have a set of these all ranging from different scents. It’s like a different scent for everyday and every certain time of the day. Out of all the other ones I have It’s this I like the most. I actually got it as a Constellation prize from that pageant I did a few months back.

That’s basically all I have to show you this month. I don’t know If I’d do this again on February but who knows right? I just might. I hope you guys liked this. I’m not really that confident with it since it’s my first one but nonetheless happy reading I guess. Don’t forget to leave a like and comment down below

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