Breaking Free of Society’s Chains

Hey guys, how are you? Are you still you? Well of course your you, but are you “You, You” Let me ask you this. When a new song or a new clothing line comes up and you see your favorite celebrity wearing those clothes are you the type of person who buys it as well? How about this do you do things, things you know that are wrong but do it instead because of the influence of your friends? I guess what I’m going to talk about is going to cover more than those questions. Let me ask you another one are you the type of person who wakes up everyday no matter how ill or tired you are just to go to work and repeat the same process over and over again just to something to eat the next day? If you say yes in any of these questions I’ve asked then I can’t say that your “You, You” I don’t have the right to say that I guess.

Earlier in class we talked about an African Poem. It’s Entitled African’s Plea by Robert Tombekai Dempster. Here’s what he has written. I believe he’s not only speaking for himself but for others who are oppressed by society’s standards.

Africa’s Plea
I am not you –
but you will not
give me a chance
will not let me be me

‘If I were you’ –
but you know
I am not you,
yet you will not
let me be me.

You meddle, interfere
in my affairs
as if they were yours
and you were me.

You are unfair, unwise,
foolish to think
that I can be you,
talk, act
and think like you.

God made me me.
He made you you.
For God’s sake
Let me be me. –

What can you say about the poem? Well you can see that the person is always being told what he has to be, but he’s fighting that and making a stand that he can’t do what he’s being told to be because that’s not him.

Everyone is made differently. Thus this concludes that people also thinks differently.

When I first read that poem I realized that something was controlling him. I realized a few moments later is that he’s being controlled by society.

The phrase which must be given a big emphasis in the poem is the phrase “If I were you.” That sentence is one of the most annoying things you’ll ever hear. Have you ever had that moment when you were playing a video game with a friend of yours and he tells you that’s not how to play the game? He’d probably go “If I were you I would do this and that” But you don’t really want to do that because you just want to have fun and not be chained by rules made by other people and have fun on your own accord.

The thing is Society has evolved in a way that it doesn’t need to tell you that sentence anymore because they found a way to psychologically trick you. They don’t say “If I were you I would try this Product” anymore. What they do now is different. They use Commercials to trick you into buying their products. They don’t need to say “If I were you” anymore. They just do.

We must learn to have a strength of mind to define what is happening. We need to develop senses to tell ourselves if this is a scam or not. We mustn’t trust everything we hear. We have to have to trust our own opinions and also to be careful not to fall into herd mentality.

Herd Mentality is the way of thinking most people have and hopefully you won’t. It’s when something is trending and you choose to follow that trend. Why? The lack of originality shows how self-conscious you are.


Society has it ways to make you feel bad about yourself. They set standards so high that you can’t reach it anymore forcing you to not be yourself. Never be blind and change for others. You have to learn how to be happy with what you are. Don’t let society change you. If this is not what you want then don’t do it. Do what you love doing and don’t do something just for the sake of following the trend.


Be Innovative

There are people on this world, people who always tells you what to do, how to do things the right way and so much more. I know people like that and honestly it’s not Innovative. Remember when your parents thought you basic things like how to wash dishes and how to clean the house? They always supervised and made sure you did things right. Some of you when they’re not around you do things your way. You experiment with faster techniques on how to do things. You learn. That’s important.

Sometimes we have to learn things ourselves. Not everything is done the same way, we have to develop critical thinking. Innovating and always come up with better ideas to make things more productive. At first it might seem like a slow process but after a while you’ll realize this is the better way.

Still we mustn’t be to naive. Sometimes we think that we know what’s right but in reality we’re being blinded by our own pride. Sometimes we have to think outside the box. If what we thought or did was wrong then we’ll learn from that. Learning through experience I believe is always the better way. Better learn the Hard way than be told the easy way and forget it the next day. We remember things when we experience them. We might learn things from others but that’s only not viable for the long run.

Learn to Innovate and think in a way you know is right. Even though it might seem wrong to others.

Judging and being Judgmental

There’s a difference between the two. Judging and being Judgmental might seem the same to you but I’m telling you guys it’s not. We can’t say we’ve never judged before cause really that’s a big lie. Everyone has had their fair share of judging other people. That’s normal and its hardwired in our brain as an instinctive part of us. But isn’t judging wrong? You’ve been told by your parents that judging other people are wrong. That’s a misstatement. What is wrong is being judgmental. You see we need to judge for others for our own safety. We don’t just accept candy from a stranger wearing a black hood now do we? Same reason why we don’t go near thugs we see on the street. We judge to know what’s right and wrong, that’s the proper way on judging others. Being Judgmental is a mentality wherein we constantly judge others and compare them to our own. There are times when we have done this. This is more common to those who have siblings where you often judge your siblings actions and compare them to your own to give yourself a feeling of content saying that you are better than them. In short judging others to make sure everything is fine is a good thing. It makes sure your out of trouble, wherein being judgmental is wrong and just brings out negativity within one person to another.

Society is constantly being judgmental. Society wants to rub how good they are to you and shows you that their ways are superior. Don’t look down upon yourself when this happens. You know what’s right and wrong. You know that what they’re doing is wrong. You know that you have the rights to do things in ways you want to do them.

Final Conclusion

Society will always try to bring you down, but if you have a strong and clear mind and you know how to differentiate what’s right and wrong don’t be afraid to try things you want to do even if society doesn’t want you to. (Unless Illegal of course) Don’t want to work 8 hour shifts 6 days in a week but instead spend your time on a hobby you love. Go ahead and do it. As long as you can support yourself and that you don’t fall into society’s traps then you can do anything. Be free and go about. Let your creativity flow and take initiative and have intuition in everything you do. Then you will really be free from society’s chains.

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4 thoughts on “Breaking Free of Society’s Chains

  1. The saddest thing about this post is it’s true. People do, without even thinking, follow their entire life in the footsteps of the bad innovative type of person. Those are the people that know how it works and don’t want to make the world a better place, they want to make them be the ‘better’ person. People have been fouled in to thinking anyone who wants change is bad.

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