A Friendly Visit | A Cup of Coffee with Al

Hey there guys. Sit down and grab yourself a nice cup of coffee and let’s have a nice chat. I have a cup of roasted coffee next to me. Man do I love the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning. So how was your week? I know I haven’t written that much this week I’ll get to that later on. This week was pretty fun really. It’s also a really eventful one for us Filipino’s since pope Francis is visiting our country until Monday.

So an old friend came by and visited Pasig for a week – Haryan, that’s his name. He was a friend of mine back in the fifth grade. Last June he went back to his province since he started college. We went back a lot even more than the one I consider my “Best-est” friend right now. This guy was part of my original circle of friends who I can actually tell anything, do stupid things. He and the rest of that circle of friends, we, well when the four of us are together I don’t know what stupid things we might do and how high our conversations could go. I guess you could say we’re the right combination of stupidity and intelligence. We’re all highly intelligent though. But with the skill sets we have the things we do are smart and stupid. Smart cause we make sure that we never get in trouble. It’s stupid because of the plans that we make. Then again it’s not stupid because only smart people can make those plans. These guys are also part of my Martial arts circle. Yet that field of study we stopped, well me, Haryan and Dave, not Kurt though. We do still study a little bit of that in the side-lines.

My Coffee’s getting cold. Yours probably is still warm though. Reading is faster than writing though. Even though I have an average typing speed of 70WPM Reading will always be faster. Then again I still have to think about the stuff I’m typing and all that. Anyways let’s talk about this Pope, Pope Francis. Despite all of the biblical and Catholic Prophecies about the so called “Pope of the end of the world” He seems to be a really good guy though. Especially since he heftily raised the Filipino’s morale and deepened their faith. His aura on our country is really worth taking note of. He also spoke about Atheist and Homo’s on how if they do well then it doesn’t matter what they are they are still good. Though I’m still cautious about him yet it’s too early to say. Nothing out of the ordinary is happening yet. If the prophecies are true though then he would be the last pope. It won’t be long I guess. We’ll have our answer in what 5-20 years time?

Let’s not think much about that. He’s a good guy and we shouldn’t have anything like that in our mind for now. I should really stop talking about my religious opinions out loud. People might get offended. I guess I’ll just keep those topics to myself unless necessary. Anyways this past few days I’ve been really Addicted to Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. These games are the reason on what’s eating my time. Before I know it I already had already forgotten about blogging. In which I am incredibly sorry for.

Enough of my petty excuses though I want to talk about those two game. Not in depth though. If I have the time I might. So Binding of Isaac is a rouge RPG game with lot of religious references. Which is not surprising seeing the game’s title “Binding of Isaac” Which if I’m not mistaken is in the book of genesis. Basically the game is about a deranged mother thinking that she heard the lord telling her to sacrifice her son. In the end a bible falls on the head of the mother and kills her, which is a reference of the original story of Abraham. In this game you have to survive while going deeper and deeper in the depths of your soul. I say your soul because the game is highly metaphorical. It would take analysis to actually get what the game is trying to tell you.

As for the other game I’ve been playing and that is Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time. It was said to be the best game of all time. Well most people say that, I agree with that though. For a game as old as this it still kept it still managed to keep its charm through the years. It’s a really addicting game which offers hours of game play and a rich storyline. Though, the dialogue isn’t that great in my opinion. There’s something about its simple complexitivity (is that even a word?) makes the game really enjoyable.

Anyways that’s all I have to say for now. I’m done drinking my coffee and the sky looks nice. I might spend the day outside, Nah. I’ve got a game to finish 😉

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