The Start of Another Year | 2015

Happy New Years guys! I can’t believe it’s actually 2015 already! We did it guys; we managed to survive another year without dying. No, but seriously you guys are awesome for still being here reading this blog post. It’s been like what? 9 months since I’ve started this blog. So let’s start this year right and greet the year with a Smile.

2015, the Chinese calls it ‘Year of the Goat.’ Others it’s just another year. For me its a milestone, a door, a new opportunity, A new chapter in life. Lets be optimistic guys! 😉 Lets be confident about the future, what 2015 has in stored for us. If 2014 managed to bring a lot of marvelous wonders what more can 2015 do?

Think about it guys! A year has 4 seasons right? Those four seasons build up into a year which has 12 months. In those twelve months there are 365 days. That doesn’t seem like a lot right? Lets push it further in the 365 days you get in a year you get around 31,557,600  seconds. Big number right? But most of those seconds we usually waste. What if we did all we can to maximize the potential of all the things we could do in a year. Not to forget the events that we might stumble upon on that time frame.

2015 is a door which we can use to enter a new chapter in life. Its a signal to start something new. You don’t go around reading a book and say the first chapter is about this and the book introduces a new chapter and it’s basically the same with the first chapter right? You are given the chance to do something new in that new chapter. Here’s a trick to become assertive like me. A bad chapter doesn’t mean the end to a good book. Sometimes that bad chapter is a link to start a chain of actions leading to the happy ending everyone dreams of. So try something new and don’t be afraid. Failing doesn’t mean the end of the world it just means we have to do better or there’s something else that’s better which is waiting for us.

The New Year is also a time to change. You know what? I’ve heard a lot of people tell me that changing is wrong. In reality it’s alright to change. People changing, that’s natural I mean, It’s impossible to say you’ve been the same person you’ve been last year. After all the trials and tribulations people go through people change. It’s alright to change as long as its for the better. We don’t change who we are for other people just for them to like us that’s not a good way to look at it. Instead look at it this way. We change not for others but for ourselves because we know that in doing so we can become a better person.Since it’s the start of a New Year we should let go. Let go of all the problems, let go of all the negativity. We must learn not to hold a grudge among one another. Instead we must let go of the anger and pride and just smile. We have the power to melt other people’s hearts. People just don’t know how. Don’t hate guys. Learn to love. Remember of all the good things that remains Love is the strongest. I believe that’s what the New year symbolizes. Moving forward, we must learn to move forward and let go.So guys I’m gonna end this here. Happy New Year and may your year be as special as all of you guys. Lets hope the numbers rise this year. But hey! There are 365 days to go and let’s make the best of it shall we 😉

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