The End of Another Year | 2014

Wait 2014 is over tomorrow? Well that was quick. It seems like yesterday I was in the Seventh grade slacking off. Well putting that aside lets look back and see what 2014 threw at me.

Hello Guys. It’s amazing how 2014 flew past me. It went by so fast really. Well I guess that’s the way I perceived it. Honestly when we think about it time is really a confusing thing. We imagine something as taking so long but after we get through all that waiting we look back and say to ourselves “did that really take long?” Anyways 2014 is really something. It was exponentially better than 2013. 2013 was mostly all fun but 2014 is when I learned so much. It’s when I opened my eyes and found out that freedom is actually inside of me and it’s just me waiting for myself to make a choice.

All of us, we were given the choice to do something in our lives. People always manage to fail in taking action. They think that opportunities would come to them. In reality it’s us who has to approach opportunity. If we don’t approach it ourselves it would just pass us by. Never will we know what would happen if we took the opportunity. We will never move forward if we don’t take action. The moment we learn how to take action in our lives, that would be the time when we would have the power to make our own path.

This year gave me the opportunity to do so many things. New things I’ve always wanted to do but never had the chance to.

March 21 – Finished the 7th Grade
April – Started a business with my Best Friends
April 17 – Started this Blog
May 31 – Grand Paalay (Grand Offering)
June 8 – 1st place Youth Fest 2014 Pageant
September 30 – G/bb Kalikasan Pageant (Mr. and Ms. Nature)
November 7 – United Nations Pageant
November 24 – Enchanted (Musical Play)
December 24 – Panunuluyan (Christmas performance)

I’ve done more than that I’m sure of it but like I said those were mainly the highlights.

When you have the chance to do something. Do it. You will never know when you’d get the chance again. I know sometimes its hard to make a decision but sometimes it would be worth the risk. Who know it could lead to something life changing. Something that would cling unto you for the rest of your life. Probably something you could tell your grand children about.

This year I notice I’ve been exposing my self so much, both in school and online. Actually right now I’m looking for teen catalog modeling. Unfortunately finding one like that here is quite hard. I don’t have an agent which is one thing. I guess any part time job would do I just really need the cash. I’d probably just sell Ice candy over the summer I guess.

Let’s just hope next year would bring us more than what I had this year. When I first started this blog I was really sloppy. Its only now when my sense of responsibility started to mature. This blog a part of me. Its something I have to take care of. You my readers as well.

So anyways guys I love you guys and thanks for being a big part of 2014 for me. It means a lot and lets hope for a prosperous new year. 😉

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