Canva | Seasonal Thumbnails

Hey Guys! There it’s just 2 hours and a half left before Christmas and a while ago I just found a great website which helps me make better graphics easier and in bulk. Its called Canva you’ve probably heard of it some of you may not have. But its a quick and easy way to make graphics. I use Photoshop CS5 Extended for most of my picture edits but for some reason I can’t make simple edits that well on Photoshop. Luckily I found this site, Canva. It basically takes away the strain when it comes to proper proportion and stuff like that. I’ve been playing with it for awhile now and used it together with Photoshop and It actually comes out nice. Simple and Elegant.

So I finally had time to do the Thumbnails I’ll be using for majority of my posts in the 4 seasons. The background was made in Photoshop and the Text was on Canva.

Here they are and its a sign which shows that this year would be great.

2015 Summer 2015 Winter 2015 Spring 2015 Autumn


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