I found an old game in the closet

There are a lot of things we go through. Looking back and memories seems like its yesterday. It seems like yesterday cause we’re reliving it.

Hey guys! I Just recently found my old copy of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince PC game Immediately I installed the game into my computer. I have to say nostalgia really kicked in. If you guys don’t know yet I really love Harry Potter having read and watched the whole series and having played nearly all games for Gameboy and PC except Deathly Hallows part 1 and 2 cause honestly my PC just couldn’t run it no matter how much I over clock the graphics card. I spent half the day playing it and relieving the whole game all over again. Brings back so much of my childhood. Wait, that made me sound old seeing as I’m still a child. Nonetheless I missed the combat and how fun it is spamming spells at others.

So anyways Its almost new years! So I guess I have a lot of thumbnails to do. Spring is also coming up meaning I’ll have to change the featured images for the next season. Its amazing how time flies. I have so much to do. Classes are nearing and I haven’t done most of my holiday works.

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