Why were these invented? | Bean Boozled

Hey Guys! Albert Ibay here to talk to you about something that’s called Bean Boozled.

So on Christmas Eve after we finished the Christmas performance at church me and the others were upstairs at the Green room chilling. So one of our members came up to me and was like try this out. I looked and saw Jelly beans so I was like okay. I mean its jelly beans what could go wrong? Everything. So I grabbed one and was like ok it tastes weird but nothing I wouldn’t expect from a jelly bean. I took another one I was like this tastes, well smells familiar. It tasted like the smell of freshly cut grass. I took a moment to take it down and I saw others the guys laughing. I took another one, a Color brown one I didn’t really know what’s the catch yet. I took a bite and notice a taste so familiar I just can’t put my hand on it, then my friend came up to me and gave me the container and on the was written the different flavors. I can’t help notice reading the flavors.

I remember taking in the brown one so I searched for it. My heart raised for a moment as I read Dog Food. My body just said no, no way. I started to barf it out my body just rejected it all the way. Later we had another round at it and I was lucky with the next two which were Coconut and Pop Corn. The next thing I tasted. It was hell literally. Well that’s an overstatement I guess. It was moldy cheese. I only took a tiny nibble but barfed so much. It was the worst thing I’ve ever tasted. Never again will I trust Jelly Bean offered to me. I only ate 6 before giving up. I didn’t want to know what horrible tastes the other ones had in store for me. Its just Urgh. I was honestly traumatized all the way.

You know what this actually reminds me of? Harry Potter. I remember them having a candy called Bertie Bott’s every flavor beans. This was almost like its real life counter part if it isn’t already. Now I know what Fred felt when he ate one of those.

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