Blogmas Day 18 | Reason of Absence | A glimpse of my day

Its been 5 days since I failed Blogmas. Read more to listen to my lame excuses.

Hey guys, Albert Ibay here. It’s been a while since I last wrote a blog post. I just couldn’t really find time to juggle School, Church and Blogging. I have to set aside one of them I couldn’t let go of school and the Creator must always come first so I set aside blogging for a while cause the fatigue is really just getting to me. My head is really aching right now. I just wish there were more hours in a day.

This is basically how my day usually goes. Wake up at 6am then I head to school at 7am. At school I barely have time to sit down with so much going on. 2pm is the usual dismissal time for us but I still have a Math session for the quiz bee so I end up going home at 5 getting home at around 5:30 I still need to take a bath and head to church around 6pm Our practices usually end at 9 or 10 more or less having overworked my brain I eat dinner then fall into the bed unconsciously. That process repeats the next day getting worse and worse as fatigue builds up each day.

Good news. It’s the start of Christmas vacation meaning I have more time for blogging since there isn’t any school work I need to finish. We’re starting to make progress in our Christmas performance with less than a week to practice we’re cranking it up a bit and we’re going to start our practices at 3pm instead of 6:30 now. Practices have been quite dandy. Of course to give praise to our creator is the main reason why we spend all our energy into this I have another reason and that’s to see her. I won’t say anything more in case this gets out. Only two people know who that girl is and I want it to stay that way.

Tomorrow I’m going to head out to find a Christmas gift for her before going to practice. So I won’t be home half the day tomorrow. Gosh Christmas is so near just a couple days more. I’m debating whether I’d confess to her about my feelings or keep it a secret. Anyways there will be a lot of events at church so it’s not like I’m never going to see her again once this performance is over.

Here’s some behind the scenes look at our performance 😉

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