Blogmas Day 13 | Meeting with the Father

Hey guys Albert Ibay here and its already nearing 11pm here and I am a little bit under time pressure right now due to the fact that people are already sleeping and my dad’s getting angry already.

So today, today was nice. If you haven’t forgot already I went back to the ministry to perform in the “Panununuluyan” Which will be held at Christmas Eve. It’s basically an Interpretative performance about Mary when she was heading out to give birth to Christ. Anyways the father was going to leave so we had a meeting, the Youth Ministry, with father today where we talked about the future plans of the youth Ministry before he leaves. We didn’t have a vague plan really, about the upcoming year so we had its a really good thing that we had a talk about it. Later we also had a talk about the officers of the ministry and we did a draft on who would be appointed as president. We’ve been told not to give out any Information about that until it’s talked out already, so yeah.

Later father gave us something to eat as well while we talked about the problems that the youth was facing and why we needed to join the youth. On what was missing in our lives and what we needed. The question is not only for us but I believe it voices out all of the youth in our generation today.

Let me ask you this guys before I end this post. Why do you join the church. What was it you needed to fill that gaping hole in your hearts? Share your answers down below or e-mail me at don’t forget to leave a like down below 😉


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