Blogmas Day 11 | A Domino of a day

Hey guys, its 11:10 in the evening and I have so much to do. The worst part about it for me is that it’s a school day. My head is spinning and my eyes are getting sore. But I have a stand in life and that is to do my best in all times that I can no matter how much it strains me. I’m not going to let all this work deprive me of my post quality.

So today has been really eventful. Looking back there is so much I did today and learned as well. I also met up with some old friends of mine from the youth ministry. All the events that happened today went into a chain reaction and ended up with me joining the Christmas Performance at church. Basically the domino day I had gone like this.

Science class, 9:30am our teacher discussed all about the project that was due tomorrow. I volunteered for my group mates taking the initiative. That action marked the first domino falling down. I had a schedule now that after classes I’d be going out to buy the project for science.

Electronic Engineering Class, 12:00pm I was at the back seat of the class seeing as checking papers doesn’t really interest me I was lucky to avoid checking papers. Later my classmate asked me to accompany her to the Head of the science department to grab the receipt for the class. On our way down we were met by students telling us to head over the M.A.P.E.H faculty room. We chose to head there first since that’s more convenient for us we were asked to do a series of tasks. This started with us delivering raffle tickets to having our principal to sign a club report. After the confrontation at the Science learning center where we talked to their head we were detoured all the way to Section Ivory where we reported in to our science teacher. Before that we met with one of our favorite teachers. Since we didn’t have classes at our last period it ended up with as procrastinating at their room for so long we forgot about our review in Math. Since it was delayed it we had to go home later than we should’ve originally had.

Before going home we went out first to grab a rim of paper at the nearest store we could find. Coincidentally my church mates were there to tell me about the Christmas performance. If those events didn’t happen this coincidence wouldn’t happen cause I would’ve went home earlier than I should’ve had which would cause me not to intersect with them.

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