Dog’s Life | It can see light

Hey guys 🙂 So its 2:30 in the afternoon and I just got home from school to find out the Puppies eyes are finally open yay 🙂 I can finally play with it without it being attached only my smell. The ears are not yet fully developed though and we still haven’t gave it shots for rabies yet so yeah 😦 That’s fine I guess at least It managed to survive despite being a singleton. Most singleton’s only have like 50% chance of survival so I’m happy this one survived and is healthy. I still have to take care of the fact that it doesn’t have litter mates so I have to make sure the pup learns well and grow up without having any problems like it becoming a swimmer. A swimmer is basically a dog which can’t walk. Well I have faith in it that it’d grow up to be one of the best dog’s ever 🙂

The dog is Nineteen days old now by the way 🙂


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