Blogmas Day 10 | How to be a Motivational Speaker

Hey guys today let me walk you through on how to motivate the people you’re talking too. I’m going to tell you now that this is not a step by step tutorial but a read learn and do some application in what you do type of tutorial.

Everybody has that time in life when everyone around you just loses hope in whatever they might be doing. It can be anything from a Project you’ve been working on for a long time or maybe that person is just failing life in general. Nothing you do can get them up. You need to say something to connect to them to make think I can do this. You need to inspire people. This isn’t only for times when you’re on the edge of failing or succeeding. This is for every time you talk to your friend and want to tell them something or when you’re talking in front of a huge audience about a report or whatever you do in front of many people.

How to be a Motivational Speaker

Let me ask you this question ever had that feeling when you’re speaking in front of a huge group of people that just doesn’t listen? Yes you can speak, yes you know what you are saying but my question for you here is “Can you reach out to them?” “Do they even care?” I’ve had this happen a lot of time and I’ve learned through my experiences in reporting in middle school how to catch the attention of who I’m talking too. I hate that feeling, I know you hate it too, that feeling? The feeling when no one just listens to you. When no ones listening too you that make you think “Why am I even doing this?” Once you overcome that you’ll realize that I must start from myself. I must be the one to do something about it and make them listen. I have to be the change to be able to help a better cause. Which is why today I’m going to teach you guys how to captivate your audience. How to make them get up on there feet and say “This is interesting” the next thing you know they can’t take there eyes off of you.

I’m that type person who when unsatisfied by someone’s speech or report or whatever they’re doing in front I get bored and the tendency there is that I wouldn’t listen. Worst case scenario I’d sleep through the entire thing. But, but when I hear something from you which makes me interested then I’d jolt up and actually pay attention. Why? Because this person is interesting that’s why. So which makes the first thing I’m going to tell you guys is.

Be Interesting

Its annoying whenever I see someone just talking in front and not caring about himself our his listeners. These types of people are usually boring and don’t really connect to the people. So you’re probably asking me right now. “How do I become Interesting?” Being interesting is actually a vague word now that I think about it. You might say to yourself I’m boring. Let me tell you this anyone can become Interesting. Why? Cause we’re all unique in our own way. But it’s the way you project yourself which makes you interesting which leads us to another variable to be a motivational Speaker.


Projection is how people see you. The way you stand, speak, move anything you do in general. So in correlation with being interesting is the way you project yourself. People won’t usually listen to someone who just stands and talk No. You have to project yourself properly as well. For example your doing a speech on how people could work together to do something better. When you get to the climax of that speech Raise your hand shows it in your eyes. Let your eyes blaze with passion saying “YES THIS IS MY VISION” You have to speak to them in a way you would touch their hearts which leads me to another variable in becoming a good motivational speaker.

Voice Quality & Speech Delivery

Just because you have a small voice or a squeaky voice won’t be a hindrance in making a good speech it’s the way you say it. For example when you want to emphasize something out raise your voice and speak from your Diaphragm. I won’t be doing a tutorial on how to speak through your Diaphragm but I’m sure there are many tutorials out there which talks about it. The way you deliver your voice might be the difference between a good or bad speech. This leads to my last Variable analysis.


Being a good analytic is very vital in making a speech inspiring. You have to understand so many things. You can’t just do this way of speaking all the time you have to take into account so many things. The people you’re talking too, their moods, their interests. You don’t just go into a nursery make a speech and raise your voice at the children. No. You have to analyze everything carefully.

Starting with your audience

Your audience is vital. They are the one that’s listening too you without the audience there won’t be a speech. You have to analyze based on what you see or on what you know. When facing your friend you’ll know exactly the words you need to use. When facing a crowd full of strangers you have to analyze carefully, their race, class, age, lifestyle, moral standards and so much more. If you don’t you might accidentally offend someone. You see someone sleepy make the audience laugh. See them not interested raise your voice at a critical moment.

Your piece

While your saying the speech may it be Impromptu or written. Be ready to ad lip. Your speech won’t be a hundred percent the same with what you’ve written or what’s in your mind. Your speech will be determined by the flow of the environment. If you feel you need to cut it short then do. If you feel that you need to add something or spice it up then do.

These are just a guide on what you need to do. The rest is up to you. When the time comes you’ll know what to do. Just believe and say what’s in your heart and every thing will go on smoothly.


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