Blogmas Day 7 | A little bit more

Hey guys so its 11:30 in the evening right now and I’m like. Wait, I haven’t done Blogmas today yet. So now I’m sitting here not knowing really on what to write. I guess I’ll just talk to you guys right now. So its been like what? 8 months since I’ve started this blog and I don’t feel like I’ve connected to most of you guys yet. Well technically I’ve generally connected to most of you but only very few of you I actually connect, connect to. I’m nearly always posting to you guys about my social media accounts but I don’t really know if anyone of you guys are checking it out. I want to be closer to you guys. You my viewers. You might not know it but your part of my life. My day wouldn’t be complete without me knowing that you guys are visiting my blog. This blog really brought something out of me. Sometimes when I just don’t know what to do with my life I remember that there are you guys out there. Which why I guess I love blogging. I like talking to you guys. The blog gave me a sense of responsibility. I used to never care about deadlines and would usually do things at the last minute or never do things at all. This blog helped me get over that habit and made me realize how fun it is to do things like this. This blog also helped me to get out more and participate more so I have something to talk to you guys about. I love you guys and want you to know me better and me to know you better. I want us to interact E-mail and stuff like that. That feeling is nice. The feeling that you have someone to share too outside of your personal circle of friends. I’ll be leaving 3 links down below here. My Twitter, Facebook and E-mail. I hope you guys would take the time to add me follow me or e-mail me If you would that would really make me happy.

Twitter account:
Facebook account:

I would really love to hear from you guys. Who knows we might meet each other someday 😉


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