Blogmas Day 6 | Anti-Bullying and Child Protection Orientation

“I realized that bullying never has to do with you. It’s the bully who’s insecure.”

Hey guys so yesterday we had an Orientation about Anti-Bullying and the Child Protection Policy here in our country. This is also suitable for other nations and the general people. Today I will be walking you through the orientation we had and help Orient you to think away from Bullying and to give you knowledge and information about Bullying.

The Anti-Bullying Orientation was held at the Multi-Purpose Hall at Eusebio High School Prepared by Jona Kristen M. Valdez the School’s Guidance councilor and is Presented by the school’s Peer council to give knowledge to students what bullying can do.

The Orientation started with a prayer after which we were told about news on what Bullying has already done. Starting with a the news of a 9 year old child who was is a victim of bullying and is in a critical state due to the over bleeding of his liver.

Here is a story for you guys about bullying. Ever heard of a girl named Amanda Todd? She was a 15 year old girl who had a lot ahead of her. She suffered from so much bullying. She was afraid to tell at first. Then It got worst. Someone black mailed her into showing getting her to get naked but she refused. The person that did that leaked photos of her after. The police informed her about that. She experienced a lot of anxiety, Panic Attacks and Depression. She and her parents moved to a new home. A year later, the individual reappeared, creating a Facebook profile which used the topless photograph as the profile image, and contacting classmates at her new school. Teased she moved again. Trying to start anew. After so many things happening she tried to commit suicide by drinking bleach but failed. After which she moved again. Todd was taunted by other students at her school for her low grades, a consequence of a language-based learning disability, and for the time she spent in hospital to treat her severe depression. After getting out she received more taunts saying that she had been in a hospital for the crazy. Then after which on On October 10, 2012 She was found dead at her home. Cause of death Unknown. She posted a video about her life before that. Named My Story: Struggling, bullying, suicide and self-harm

So what is Bullying?

Bullying shall refer to any severe or repeated use by one or more student of a written, verbal, electronic, expression or a physical act to hurt another.

That is according to the Slide but bullying can also be done by someone who isn’t a student but in reality anyone in general.

Then we covered the three most common types of Bullying.

Four Types of Bullying


Physical Bullying

Physical Bullying refers to any act of harm to another person by means of punching, pushing, shoving, kicking, slapping tickling, headlocks, pranks, teasing, and the use of available object as weapon.

*Some things can’t be considered bullying such as accidents that happen between two people. As long as its not intentional it can’t be considered bullying. Pranks will always be counted as bullying no matter if an accident happens or not.

Verbal Bullying

Any slanderous statement or accusation that causes the victim undue emotional distress.

Examples of acts like this are, but not limited too – Teasing, Mocking, Insulting, Swearing and others.

Psychological Bullying

Any act that causes damage to a victim’s Psyche and/or emotional well being

Examples of acts like this are, but not limited to – Blackmailing and threats.
Psychological bullying can also be a result from the other types of bullying (Verbal, Physical and Cyber-Bullying) Psychological bullying can lead to – Depression, Self-Harm, Inferior Thoughts and even Suicide.


Bullying done through the use of technology or any electronic means.

Examples of acts like this are, but not limited too –
Global Messages which Indirectly downs another person.


You are walking down the streets late at night and you saw your classmate with a guy enter a dark alley. Surprised you text all your friends about it and inevitably caused it to become news spread like wild fire. Next thing you know everyone is avoiding that person you told people about.

Today 80 Percent of Teens own cellphones which makes it the most common form of Cyber-Bullying

Vulgar comments are considered Cyber-Bullying unless for example someone posts an inappropriate photo and you commented something vulgar that won’t be considered as Cyber-Bullying because its the person who posted that picture who must face to consequences of their actions.

Stalking can also be considered as Cyber-Bullying and you could be sued for doing so. Like outside of technology Stalking is an act which is not Right at all.

*Only 1 in 10 victims will inform a parent or trusted adult of their abuse.

Bully Circle

The Peer Council made a representation on what they call the Bully Circle. The bully Circle basically shows what the victim has around him/her. The Circle basically goes like this.

Bully – Followers – Supporters – Passive Supporters – Disengaged Onlookers – Possible Defender – Defender

After that we had a little bit of Role-Playing

Role Playing

In the middle of the Orientation they did a little Role-Playing to keep us up on our feet and participate more in the Orientation basically I the Peer council chose some people to play the roles of the people in the Bully Circle.

Me playing as the Defender and others playing there respected Roles.

The story goes like this. In an average day at school there was a transfer student from a different school named Pearlita Later the School’s “Diva” as I call it named Elizabeth saw the new student and called out to her. Elizabeth who was new to the school didn’t hear her. But what Elizabeth thinks is that she heard her but just ignored her. Which wasn’t the case. Now she wanted to down the new student by telling lies about her and the followers just followed without knowing what really happened. Now since she is one of the most popular kid in school most people supported her. But as usual with every “bad seeds” There will always be those people who goes against her.

Later in the day Elizabeth went to Confront Pearlita. There were people who just watched

and there are some who sought to stop it but thought twice. Those are the Possible defenders. Yet there are those who are brave like Ding Dong (Played by me) who didn’t think twice before stopping the fight. So I went in and basically defended Paulita.

That’s basically the Role-Play in a nutshell.

By stander Bully-Victim

Rules and Responsibilities of Students02-Protect -Educate -Empower -Being Active -Being Strong -Taking Action*

Emphasis on the last one, Taking Action. People fail to take action all the time. Let me ask you when was the last time you helped someone who is in the middle of getting bullied in school? Yeah, I thought so. People have to be brave and do things that is right. We fail to take action, take initiative, Be Proactive. We have to change that now.

Bullying will always have consequences. Since its already a law the consequence for that would be either suspension or expulsion.

Some people say they didn’t mean something even though deep inside they really mean it. Sometimes its hard to define an accident or the real thing if the child doesn’t want to cooperate. Only 2 out of 7 child who gets bullied actually reports it.


Of course there is a process first to go through before one can decide what they’re gonna do to the offender. Which is basically this.

The Student reports the incident to the Teacher or Staff. The  the case would be referred to the Guidance Councilor if the students alone or the teacher couldn’t handle the situation. At this point the parents of all students involved in the incident will be informed about the case. If the students and the parents still doesn’t cooperate then the issue will be sent for investigation and will be referred to the CPC or Child Protection Commission.

Report to teacher/Staff – Referral to Guidance Councilor – Investigation and Referral to CPC – Final Decision

Also let me rephrase what I said earlier about the child who is in a critical stage. He’s dead.

The last thing they told us is that we must report any incident within 48 hours of it happening if not it won’t be acknowledged.

Then we ended the Orientation with a prayer.

So guys remember stop bullying and help people who are in need. Don’t keep things quiet and speak out loud. 😉


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