Monthly Goals – December, 2014

Hey guys! First off all I really want to say thank you guys and I love you. Not the creepy I love you, love you. But I love you as a person nonetheless. This month blew my mind really. A few months ago when I post something It would be a miracle to receive a single like. Now every post I make are receiving likes basically and that is a really big thing for me.

Last month I did a post on what my goals are for November.
Unfortunately we didn’t reach 80 followers but nonetheless we were able to get.

Average 8 views per day opposed to the 6 views per day I wanted.
We also got at least 226 Views on November opposed to the 180 I originally said.
78 Followers opposed to 80.

That being said I have more hopes for December. So here are the Goals I have in store for December.

Average Views per day
Total Views

That is a lot higher than the goals I had last month. But I believe in you guys that you can help me attain that.
Also with me joining the Blogging 201 Hopefully I would get new and fresh ways to entertain you guys


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