What pushes you?

Everybody has had that feeling when they just don’t want to do anything else but lie down and close there eyes.

I know that feeling very well. Especially waking up in a school day. But let me ask you something guys. What pushes you to wake up? I guess its because of a dream an ambition.

In life we have lots of responsibilities. Its those responsibilities which draws a line in what we can do. Life shouldn’t just be a responsibility. We should live life in a way that what we do is in its own category of responsibility. Lets not live life life as a responsibility in its self but a medium to have other responsibilities which would make us live not just exist. I notice people wake up in the morning go to school or go to work. Why I ask them? Usually there answer is to succeed in life. The thing is they’re living life in a way where they just exist like a hollow body set to do certain things for a

certain time. They’re not really living are they? People need to do something to make life worth more than what it is right now.

There are people who live life to there fullest. Who take initiative and are proactive. But what pushes you? Me? Its mainly because I want to constantly push myself. Push myself to become better. So that in the future I could be the best of what I could be. To show those people who downed me that they were wrong. Its things like this which makes us better so what about you guys what pushes you to do more? What inspires you to be the best person you could be?

So many times I’ve been downed. I’ve been played with I’ve been made to hope for nothing. People notice every mistake you make. Its annoying but everybody needs to use that as a medium to be better. All that’s left to say is start with yourself and start now.


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