Musical play | An Enchanting Experience

“We have to learn to enjoy the smallest of things to appreciate the biggest of wonders”

Hey guys! I just finished fixing my bag guys, I’ve finally got the initiative to grab a pair of scissors cut the zipper and insert the separated slider in and sew it up. I was supposed to do it sometime in the future but unfortunately the other zipper of my bag broke leaving my things vulnerable so I had to do something about it. Another reason is that I’d get shouted at and I don’t want that now would I?

My legs are aching so much I’m not really sure if I will have the strength to walk. I’m just being melodramatic there but still it is aching at the moment. I sprinted the Track and Field oval thrice a while ago and my body was just way ahead of my legs. if I didn’t have self coordination then I would’ve flew across the dirt. Luckily that didn’t happen. The only time it did I managed to hold on a post.

So anyways today we had the division level of our musical play. I still have mascara on my eyes right now I’m amazed it lasted this long. We went over to Rizal High School at around 12pm the actual performance started on 2pm. There was 6 schools performing. Eusebio High, Magpayong, Sagad, Santolan, Mangahan and Pinagbuhatan High Schools. We stayed around there campus for quite some time.  I am amazed really. To be honest Rizal High was my first choice when choosing a high school but my dad didn’t want me to attend there quoting there are a lot of people there which are below satisfactory. Gangsters and the likes. So I was sent to Eusebio High Instead. I want to study there really unfortunately making a name for myself in a new school is hard. I don’t want to transfer mainly because of the name I have at our school at the moment.

So we were the Third ones to perform. I must say the performance was good unfortunately the people holding up the curtains failed at doing it at the right time leaving us unprepared and worst saw us fixing the props. Which was really aggravating and cost us the performance. We got 4th place just point .3 away from being first. We could’ve won if we just had a little more push into it.

After our turn there was 3 more after us so we headed down into the fields and had a game of Monopoly deal, Chess and ran a few laps. I also met some old friends and made some new ones. Its amazing what this day brought me. You could say the day was Enchanted. Get it? Cause the play we had was entitled enchanted. Yeah I’ll be quiet now.

Anyways overall the day was good even if we lost we still get plus 5 direct to our cards so its a Win-Win I guess. Its a new experience for me its way different than it was when I was still studying in Inocencio. An amateur play is really different from a Professional play I guess.

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