What is wrong? | What’s with all the Hate | This generation is really…

“Every time you post something online, you have a choice. You can make people happy or take away their happiness. Just a thought” – Zoella

Hey guys, David just got home from my house and I went online to read a couple blogs. I have a question for you guys? Why do some people hate? Seriously when you don’t like something why continue doing it? Its like trying to push a square block in a circle hole. I’ve been looking around the blogs I’ve been following and one thing caught my attention. Zoe’s blog. You guys might know her. She’s one of the kindest and carefree blogger/vlogger around. You might know her from her YouTube channel Zoella or probable just her blog.

Its been a really long while since she upload her Vlogs which used to be done on a daily basis. But at the moment if she does uploads a video there is a long wait before the next ones. I wondered why. Til I came upon this blog post from 2 weeks ago.

Why I Stopped Daily Vlogging | Hate on The Internet

Its quite a read really but it makes me wonder. Why does our generation waste its time to release negativity when we could use that energy on being positive. So why waste our time on something if we hate it? Why do we go to a feat to make anonymous accounts just to spread hate on the internet? This reminds me of PewDiePie. Remember Him? He’s the fastest growing channel on YouTube. Just a couple months ago he turned off comments on his YouTube videos. Why? Cause so much hate and negativity is going around. We’re lucky he’s still even uploading content for us to enjoy. Think about it some people waste so much time doing something that brings negative vibes. Why do it when we can use that time to do something good with our lives? I don’t know if its just jealousy or what. Still its wrong and it should be put right.

Is this what our generation evolved into? I just started blogging a couple months ago to express my feelings with the people around. I want to entertain people and make sure they’re happy. That’s the same with other bloggers we want the people around us to be happy. Which is I guess why we don’t turn into those people on Disney. I just had to let that out. Disney really? Look what’s happening to the people there. Not only Disney but I will say that the whole Media is corrupt. It pollutes the minds and brainwashes people. I’m happy I stopped watching TV A long time ago the content they release there are highly edited by bad people I don’t know to brainwash the next generation of people or just because they want fame and fortune.

People here are different with people on TV we don’t get corrupt with power and we don’t seek fame.  All we want is to find a way to express ourselves. To make other people. We don’t do this to achieve something wrong. We do this cause we want to find a way to touch other people’s hearts. Zoella, PewDiePie. Other bloggers and YouTubers alike do what they do to make people happy. Honestly why hate someone who only does something to make others happy? That’s just plain wrong. I could honestly say that the Internet is not as safe as it used to be. People don’t know there limitations anymore and are just plain rude online. There are some which we could say are still good. But in the fight between good and Evil I don’t know why but we’re losing.

Why am I, Why are we still fighting if the odds are against us? Because we dream of a world where people could live together in harmony. To live to make other people happy. Just because we’re happy in front of the computer doesn’t mean we are. I guess you could say it masks our sadness. Lets just hope that one day the world we would live in would be different. One day good will reign again.

I love people, I love life, I love everything. I am carefree and wants others to be happy even if it burdens me. I just want to see those smiles. Lets do our best. To make the community a better place. Lets not leach off each others but instead live in a give and take relationship. We do our best to maintain our time and balance it in a way its a win win. Its hard blogging with school work piling on top of me. If its hard for me its harder for others too. Even though its hard we don’t care just to make you guys happy.

So lets not hate on other people but give them thanks and appreciation once in a while cause of the joy and happiness they give us. I read a quote once. Intelligent people knows how stupid something is but refuses to talk just to avoid pointless fights. So what I’m trying to say is lets not start a fight. Its a waste of time and energy. Lets be smart and be positive about everything.

Smile. Don’t forget that. Also remember to thank the smallest of things. The beauty around us. Its really a wonder what this world could be if we learn to love one another. I remember my old school used to bear the same quote for the 9 years I had in Inocencio. Classmates (People) are for loving and sharing. We are a community and the only way we would live our continued survival is if we learn to live happily amongst one another.

One day. I promise you if we continue to do good. We would have a better tomorrow. Lets not down others for self gain. Its wrong. Lets do good if we want to live a happy tomorrow.

Before I end this I just want to say wish us luck tomorrow is the Division contest of our musical play. I hope we win. Even if we don’t at least we did our best.

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