Monopoly Deal | Can’t get enough of it

“Too much of a good thing can be wonderful!”
― Mae West

Hey guys! For the past four days and the days of tomorrow a game has been addicting me. Monopoly Deal. I had this game back in grade six and now its in Hype in our school. I just can’t get enough of it. The cheats are also part of the fun. Strategies and Psychology Galore. Its really something that would test your psychological patience really. If you guys haven’t tried it yet your missing a lot. Its monopoly but pocket sized. Better than UNO in my opinion. But still the best Card game is still Yu-gi-oh though 😛

Anyways guys the Division of our musical play will be on Monday. I’m quite sure it would be a hard feat to actually win it since my school isn’t really known for winning City wide contests since other schools are better admittedly. I won’t be telling that to my classmates they’ll just hate me for it. Wish us luck 🙂

I don’t really know why for the past week I’ve been craving doughnuts. Doughnuts? Donuts? What is it really? Anyways I don’t crave just any doughnut but a specific one. Krispy Kreme, that glazed sugary one. I love how it melts in my mouth. Urgh I just want one. Anyways I’m starting to save cash again, Christmas is almost here and I don’t know its been a while since I’ve had payments to pay for at school so its really a good thing for me. I have plans for the coming Holidays and Valentines. Sucks valentines is on a Saturday it makes things harder for me. Ah Sei La vie.


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