Lets try again

“Words can be seductive, destructive and be used to get what you want but most of all its what connect us”

Hey guys! Albert Ibay here. I’m gonna try something new, something I have never tried before. What is it you ask? Well if you don’t know yet I’m a huge fan of novels and well Its fun both reading them and making them. So let me tell you about my day in a First person point of view of my brain. Its 11am Wednesday. I’m staring blankly out of the window the computer next to me, I just finished bathing as I sit in the room thinking. Today they’ll be coming over. Yet I’m not that amused at first I still feel the heart break lingering in the plains of my mind. I have chosen to let the pain go and accept the offer of staying friends. I know for a fact she doesn’t want a boy friend at the moment other than that she probably likes someone else. After that talk we had a day ago even after the closure one question still remains. What state of friendship are we in right now? I can tell for a fact that she made this decision with that knowledge how much do I really know about what she really thinks or feel. Looking away from the window and unto the computer I can honestly say that its time to find out. She’s in the third year – they’re taking the national career assessment test at the moment so she won’t be out by 4. I got five hours to spare. I wonder what I’ll do. I thought to myself since my brother’s not around and I’m all by myself why not take the opportunity to get some stuff organized. After that I did a couple rounds of DotA before one of the guys – Lance finally came. It was Around 4:30 before the others arrived and there she was standing in front of my house looking around as her gaze fell upon me as I opened the door for them. Her sister messaged me moments ago telling me not to keep her up too late. I agreed to that before being asked on what made me fall for her. I just told her I didn’t know and that there was just something about her that I didn’t see on others. I don’t know its probably her tenacity. She wasn’t able to stay for long I walked her hone at around 5:30 as it started to get dark then. But before that I learned so much about her. Most importantly I learned that we’re not socially awkward with one another. That made me feel at peace. Later on me and the rest of the guys went and watched Occulus man did that movie made me paranoid after which we whipped up some noodles before we parted. So guys that was basically my day so how’s yours 😉


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