I am stronger than steel

“Give yourself permission to feel Anger, Pain, Resentment, Relax, Then let go. With love.”

Hey there guys 😀 Let me share you a little bit about my feelings. But first I would like to thank you guys. Why you ask? Well its because I noticed a constant increase in my blogs stats and you guys are just great. Even if I don’t post anything for the day people still come and visit my blog 🙂 For some it may be a small thing but for me its a really big feat. You guys deserve a cookie. I won’t give you the cookie. But I will give you permission to eat that cookie your about to eat. 🙂

Anyways I’ve finally gathered my thoughts and finally had closure. Well I am stronger than steel and I have the will. I know my limits and I’ve decided to stay friends with her and develop the bond from there. I love her so I want her to be happy if that’s her decision then fine by me I wont complain. Of course something about me is the fact that I won’t give up. I’d probably lie low for now and unconditionally be there for her. I will be the Lover in the shadows. Well that sounded sadistic now that I think about it. Anyways I’m basically happy that I know both sides and I’m willing to let go of everything with love. God has his plan and as I always say I will just let him guide me. I trust in him and hopefully its for something better.

Enough of that. So today we had our musical play, cluster level. We went off against 5 other schools and luckily, we got 2nd place and we’re moving on to the division contest. I’m actually surprised we got 2nd place. Actually we were supposed to be 3rd but one team was disqualified for failing to follow the rule which states no one does acapella. The only thing that’s bothering me right now is what would happen to my academics??? Really, we’re sacrificing to much already I can’t believe I’m the only one who’s thinking about that. We’re not attending classes anymore just so we could practice for the play. Its not that I don’t trust my tenacity to be able to handle anything its just that I’m starting to worry once you try to do the calculations.

Christmas is near isn’t it? Just a couple days more… Hmmm I wonder…


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