When I say no I really mean is…

“Son do you want Ice Cream” Asked dad “No thanks dad I’m full” The boy Replied “Alright then” “I want Ice cream lets see if there’s any left… Awe”

Hey guys, there is one thing in this world I don’t know how to do and that’s how to say No. Whenever I say no I really mean the opposite. Its just that instinct I had since I was a child. Usually people used that as an excuse to black mail me or what so I usually say no when people offer me food or stuff like that but what I really mean is Yes. Yes, I want that.

Have you guys ever experienced that? I know I do a lot. Just a while ago my friend offered me some pasta. I kindly declined and later he just threw the whole thing not even finishing it. I was like “Well you could’ve gave it to me” and he was like “You said you didn’t want it” I’m partly at fault there anyways cause I said no. I don’t know I guess I should learn to know what I really want and express it more clearly I guess.


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