Give me a chance – An Original Free Verse

I find myself looking afar
To a sight that I’m inclined
A sight I see that drives myself
To find you, the one I crave to see

For I myself crave for you
The fragnance I once not knew allured me
Like the smell of the sweet pastures
The flowers along the field reminds me of you

As I look up, feeling the heat warm my skin
I find the sun staring at me
The golden sun as elegant as your smile
Melts me like Ice cream out in the field

The trees around me, the branches that flow
As the poise of the movements as it sways
Reminds me of your beauty the way you move
The peace of the winds, its you I need to find

Give this guy a chance if you will
For I will show you I can be worth it
I would give you all if you let me try
So that no regrets no tears but of just

I will not be like others who fool around
But someone who wold as best as he can
Treat you the way you should be treated
To let you feel what its like to be special

I may not be that good looking
But I can give you this
A heart so Pure and Loyal
A heart that would never leave your side

So give this guy a chance
To love a girl like you
And to let me enter your world
And that I’ll be your happiness and joy


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