Fighting for love

“Look in the mirror, That’s your Competition”

Let me tell you something guys. In love there will always be competition. Other suitors whom you must be able to pass before you succeed. But let me tell you this don’t compete with others but compete with yourself. If you make yourself a better person you’ll be able to succeed by being you. In love just be yourself and do your best. Knowing that you have the capabilities to surpass other people further. That’s something we never seem to get rid off. When falling in love, you know? Other suitors wanting the same thing. But you know what’s different? Your you. If your gonna fight for someone you love be the best of what you can be. Not just a little bit more than others but be the best. You might fail but you’ll know you’ve succeeded as well, why? Cause you became a better person in the process. Remember this guys. Especially when fighting for love.

I have to say I have a knack of falling in love with people a little bit older than me. That doesn’t stop me even though I know it would be hard I just keep pushing myself forward. I may be a foolish lover but in the end I learn. Learn new ways to be a better person. So guys no matter what happen just keep on striving to be that better person.


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