New friends, New Experiences and A new Chapter in life

Hey guys, I would just like to share to you guys that even if I didn’t win the actual pageant this opened up a new chapter in my life. If you might be wondering why I didn’t win its because of the ticket voting. I wasn’t able to sell that much tickets since I was a bit late in actually selling it. So basically it was still my fault. Nonetheless I still had a very great Ramp and got Mr. Fashionista.

Anyways after the pageant ended I could honestly say that it opened up a new chapter in my life. Not because I’ve finished a new pageant but because I’ve achieved something more than awards. Friends. Over the course of the pageant it gave me time to get closer to those around me and make new friends. Even though I didn’t win I’m still happy that I was able to befriend a lot of people. In fact others which I didn’t expect on actually befriending.

After this I have a whole new perspective of life and the people around me. In a way it made me a better person. I would say this pageant was worth the effort since it meant me meeting the people I know have grown closer to me. That’s what United nations is about right? Bringing people closer? That was probably Gods plan for me. I will not question his decisions and I’ll just let him guide me. ^_^


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